Mets don’t view Mejia’s injury as a trade deterrent

The Mets received an updated diagnosis Monday on injured starter Jenrry Mejia, who has a strained right posterior cuff. Though it’s impossible to say how actively the Mets would have shopped a healthy Mejia, it’s fair to deduce that an injured Mejia — now one with a history of shoulder problems at the age of 20 — will command less value on the trade market.

The Mets, however, publicly aren’t worried about that much. They feel that within their farm system — from Fernando Martinez to Wilmer Flores to others — they have enough to offer teams in return for a top-flight veteran starter. And they still see Mejia as a potential centerpiece in any deal.

“From Mejia to other players, we have some good prospects,” general manager Omar Minaya said Monday. “If you look at our talent, if you look at some of the guys we brought up, we do have some young players that can be attractive for other teams.”

The Mets, of course, are most interested in adding a starting pitcher to their rotation — though it has to be one that the team feels can out-perform either R.A. Dickey or Hisanori Takahashi.

–Anthony DiComo

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