Where will Oswalt wind up?

Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt figures to be the center of a lot of trade discussion in the month of July. Oswalt has said publicly and the Astros have acknowledged that he has requested to be traded to a contender, and there should be no shortage of teams calling about his services.

Oswalt has 10 losses this year, but has given the Astros 13 quality starts and has been the victim of poor run support. He has a no-trade clause and would have to approve any trade the Astros make, so essentially he would have his pick of teams if the Astros choose to trade him.

But finding a team willing to take on the remainder of Oswalt’s $15 million salary this year and his $16 million salary next year, a team willing to give up top prospects in return and a team that’s in contention that Oswalt would approve a trade to will be very challenging.

The Astros would be willing to pay a portion of Oswalt’ s remaining salary if they get premier prospects they are seeking. Of course, the club isn’t obligated to trade the three-time All-Star. As general manager Ed Wade said in May: “He has a no-trade clause, not a trade-me clause.”

Oswalt is two wins shy of tying the club record of 144, so the month of July should be very interesting.

Brian McTaggart

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As a long time Cardinal fan, for me, it’s…”The more the merrier” when it comes to Oswalt, but not to give up the “store”….If the Astro’s want Shelby Miller that’s a tough call…..the Cards are going to struggle with the likes of Lohse and Suppan, particularly Suppan, who shouldn’t be in a Cards uniform, this is NOT the Suppan of 2006 !….with Oswalt, even with a good Reds team, the Cards will be a lock for the playoffs….can you see Oswalt with Carpenter, Wainwright and Garcia ??….I’ll match or better any MLB team with that ALL STAR starting 4
..if the bat’s get going on a consistant basis,……they’ll be good for 100+ wins this season.

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