Could Padres be buyers … and sellers?

The surprising San Diego Padres have spent nearly every day atop the National League West Division.

They have designs on remaining there, which means they’re considering adding pieces to their 25-man roster in advance of the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Padres owner Jeff Moorad has said the team will consider adding payroll to make a move. And last week, general manager Jed Hoyer, said they team is looking at offensive additions as well as adding a starting pitcher.

“I don’t feel like you’re ever all set,” Hoyer said. “I think we’re looking on both sides [pitching and offense].”

Like any other team, the Padres aren’t especially excited about parting with prospect to make improvements to their current roster. That said, they might be forced to part with some of their pitching depth to do so.

Finding another starting pitcher makes sense for the Padres. Kevin Correia is struggling. Chris Young, expected to be a key piece to the rotation, has pitched once (in April, no less) and might be a long shot to return this season.

Then there’s this: All-Star closer Heath Bell, who makes $4 million and will be arbitration eligible again, could be a piece the team could move. As reluctant as the Padres might be to break up their dynamic 7-8-9 bullpen trio (Luke Adams, Mike Adams and Bell) they could potentially land add a package of prospect/Major League ready players for Bell’s services.

In other words, stay tuned. It could be an interesting month in San Diego.

— Corey Brock


I can’t believe the guy that posts blogs for the Padres, Corey Brock, doesn’t remember Luke Gregerson’s name. Maybe he married into the Adams Family. Corey Brock that is, not poor old Luke. Of course, the Addams valued education, not sure with CB’s blogs.

Clearly, my first comment was too incendiary for Trade Buzz. After all, if the writer cannot remember the 7th inning set up guy whose last name is Gregerson, maybe he should follow the club he really likes instead of the Padres.

Luke Adams,huh?
He must be a ‘real sleeper’ as I’ve never even heard of him and with our pitching, and I thought I knew all our pitchers.
But obviously I’m wrong as Cory Brock dug deep for this story in finding a player the padres have been trying to keep invisible from other teams by not using his real name.
What a great baseball man that Cory Spinks is, or did he just get KO’d
This guy should be covering single a ball if he can’t even get a players name correct.

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