Does Josh Bell’s promotion mean an Orioles trade?

If that is the case, president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail wasn’t
willing to tip his hand on Thursday afternoon, saying that move to
recall top prospect third baseman Josh Bell is one that is likely to only last
a few days.

 “This move is strictly Luke Scott blowing a
hamstring after hitting a home run [Wednesday night] and Felix Pie
likely to come off [the disabled list] in the next few days,” MacPhail
said. “And how do we get from point A to point B.”

The move
definitely raises questions, particularly of a potential trade for
corner infielders Ty Wigginton and Miguel Tejada, both who
are thought to be on the market and actively shopped.

“I might
have something on the horizon,” MacPhail said when asked about the
likelihood of a trade. “We’ve had conversations, and the more you get
close to the end of the month the more conversations you are going to
have. But there’s nothing right around the corner that I’m aware of.”

also shot down that thought that the Orioles would consider moving
Tejada back to shortstop –his original position — thus putting
current shortstop Cesar Izturis on the market.

“That has
never uttered anybody’s lips in the clubhouse to do that,” MacPhail
said. “Right not we are just looking to fill Scott’s DL spot.”

–Brittany Ghiroli

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