Ray Interested in Werth

According to the New York Post, the Rays are one of three teams interested in Phillies right-fielder Jayson Werth if he is available.

The report says that the Yankees and Red Sox also are interested in Werth, who will be a Type A free agent at the end of the season.

–Bill Chastain


I’m not totally sure how to take this news. First, the Rays have had little success with former outfielders from the Phillies… Second, while this move may increase team depth, what the Rays really need is a stronger 5th starter and a true leadoff man. Werth is neither.


Teams interested in Werth have to remember one important factor. Jason Werth is not a designated hitter nor a # 4 clean up man in the lineup. He needs to hit 5 or 6 and play right or center field every day. He needs to focus on defense after offensive innings to keep him on an even keel . If he dwells on hitting, expectations etc. he doesn’t fare as well.
Phillies have the money to accomodate Werth. Take Jamie Moyer’s salary from last year and focus it Jason’s way and you have a signed player. However that’s not going to happpen. Why?…because it would have happened.
Look for Phils to pay some attention to Dan Uggla..yes Dan Uggla…He’s looking to focus on a winning team and he’s interested in changing positions( hint: outfield)…Pat the Bat did it…But Phils have to move Raul Ibanaez…great player, declining numbers..he would fare better as a DH…Its going to be interesting!

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