Guillen, not DeJesus, could be SF’s target

Thursday, July 15

SAN FRANCISCO — The Giants have long been linked to Kansas City right fielder David DeJesus in trade speculation, but the Royals hitter they might have a better chance of acquiring is Jose Guillen, according to industry sources.

Guillen doesn’t fit the profile of the type of player that San Francisco is trying to obtain. He’s 34 and eligible for free agency after this season. The Giants would prefer to acquire somebody who might fit in with their future plans.

But that also drops Guillen’s “price.” Since he’s a potential free agent, the Royals can’t expect to get top-level prospects or a starting pitcher like Jonathan Sanchez for him. That, in turn, might make him more attractive to the Giants, though DeJesus is batting .324 to Guillen’s .279, is only 30 years old and has an extremely affordable $6 million club option on his 2011 contract.

Guillen also has 15 home runs and 54 RBIs, compared to five and 36 for DeJesus. Guillen has spent most of this season as Kansas City’s designated hitter, occupying that role in 67 games while playing 19 games in the outfield. But Guillen is well-acquainted with playing outfield, where he has logged 1,408 of his 1,588 career games. At one time his throwing arm was considered one of the strongest in the National League.

— Chris Haft 

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