Padres: Thumper wanted (and a pitcher) …

As the Padres open the second half of the season on Friday, they do so with a two-game lead in the National League West and a short list of ‘wants’ to add to their 25-man roster.

Pecking order? It’s something like 1a and 1b, as the Padres are having, what first-year general manager Jed Hoyer says, are “a lot of discussions” with teams.

The Padres seek another starting pitcher for their staff, as they’re watching the innings of not only 22-year-old Mat Latos but Clayton Richard and Wade LeBlanc. Could Jeremy Guthrie, Ted Lilly or Jake Westbrook fit here?

The Padres have said they’ll add payroll if needed.

The Padres also covet a bat, preferably someone who can help a lineup that has the third-worst home run total in the National League (behind Houston and Pittsburgh). Maybe Miguel Tejada makes sense? Sure, he’s not the thumper he once was but the Padres would love to get more offensively from the shortstop position and have someone to spell Chase Headley at third base on occasion.

Stay tuned, things could get interesting.

— Corey Brock,, Twitter: @FollowThePadres Facebook: Follow The Padres


Guthrie would be a great addition. Tejada could work out real well, too, but I’d rather the Pads get a little more thump than Miguel’s 7 homers. Still couldn’t complain about either guy and would love to see ’em both head out west.

I like the idea of Dan Uggla or Cody Ross. I know Eckstein is our emotional sparkplug and Uggla is not the same type of player. But 30 to 40 Homers out of 2B seems like an elegant exchange for it.

How about Shelley Duncan with the Indians. He would put up 15-18hr/45-50rbi’s the rest of the way. And CHEAP.

The Padres don’t have to get a big name, but they need to add a decent bat to the lineup. Even a high average gap hitter who produces lots of doubles would be an upgrade.

Dan Harren of the last place AZ diamondback made a good showing in his recent game against the Padres.Other than 1 bad inning,he had the padre hitters swinging at pitches they couldn’t hit even if the ball was as large as a soft ball.
With Harren’s stuff,SD’s field and his ability to get the grounder,he might be a great fit at a price which is the padres could afford.

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