Tigers continue to scout pitchers

The Tigers continue to watch potential pitching help as the non-waiver trade deadline nears. They had a scout in Kansas City watching Oakland reliever Michael Wuertz, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser, and they’ve also kept an eye on A’s left-hander Craig Breslow. They also have scouted Marlins closer Leo Nunez, who could end up on the trading block if Florida decides to sell.
Wuertz is a name that has popped up with the Tigers in the past, but Slusser suggests the A’s are unikely to shop him or Breslow. Wuertz has been exclusively a single-inning reliever at most ever since his season debut May 4, but he has been particularly good at it of late, allowing a run on four hits and three walks over his last nine outings, covering seven innings. He’s 6-for-6 in stranding inherited runners since Memorial Day weekend.
While bullpen is believed to be Detroit’s most pressing need, the Tigers continue to scout starting pitchers. The Tigers were among a handful of clubs with scouts in San Diego watching the Diamondbacks face the Padres this weekend, but they appeared to be the lone club there specifically to watch Dan Haren, CBSSports.com’s Scott Miller suggested. Miller quotes D-backs GM Jerry DiPoto saying, ‘We’re not to the point right now where we’re aggressively seeking” a Haren trade.


I would look at Fransisco Cordero haha

Tigers need 1 middle reliever and a very hard hitting 3rd baseman!

I think they should take a long look at Ty Wigginton and also Leo Nunez would be a solid pickup !!

Totally agree with a long look at Ty Wiggington and Leo Nunez, but what about Jose Bautista? Could u see that lineup?

If the Tigers pick up Wiggington, Nunez, and a starting pitcher (aka. Haren, Lilly, or Brett Myers of the Astros) the Tigers would be in good shape. Everybody keeps talking about Oswalt and other but Myers would be a great fit for the Tigers and the Tigers wouldn’t have to give up as much and pay as much. There’s only one problem with Nunez, I don’t think he’ll give the Tigers the sort of depth of a middle reliever but he’d be perfect for the 7th or 8th inning. I really hope the Tigers don’t give up to much in one of these deals or it will really handcuff them for future seasons.

I think the tigers need a decent middle releiver a great starter but, you have to look at there left side of there infield and look at Jose Bautista as an ecxallent player and possibly ty wiggiton if the can find away to get him.

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