Current market not to White Sox benefit

Ken Williams doesn’t see a possible trade fit for his American League Central-leading White Sox at this point and time, with just 11 days remaining until the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

The White Sox general manager does not want to disrupt the outstanding chemistry and camaraderie forged by his current group, which has fought its way back from 9 games out on June 8 to hold a 2-game lead entering action at Safeco Field on July 20. But currently, the asking price simply remains too high for potential targets.

That high price basically means Gordon Beckham, Carlos Quentin, John Danks and Gavin Floyd, established players on the Major League roster holding high interest from other teams, won’t be going anywhere.

“We are looking to add, not subtract,” Williams told reporters before Monday night’s 6-1 victory in Seattle.

“If I’m being honest and completely transparent right now of the price that is being asked for some of the players that we’ve inquired about, for us, it’s more detrimental to our present and our future than we’d like,” Williams continued. “We’ll see how that develops. But right now, I don’t see anything materializing.”

Of course, with Williams’ aggressive nature, that outlook could change in  a day or two. Williams also wouldn’t rule out a move being made after July 31, as the White Sox executed last Aug. 10, by claiming center fielder Alex Rios off of waivers from Toronto.

Scott Merkin


chisox should look to add luke scott, and maybe a mid-tier pitcher.

Adding Adam Dunn would be a killer move. Not only would it fill the DH spot currently and give nights where Paulie can be spelled, but also offer a smashing lefty bat, and give Kenny heavy bargaining power next year when it’s time to re-up Paulie’s contract. Not that I want to see Paulie get shorted during talks, but I don’t want him to become another Mike Lowell where the club is on the hook for tons of $ in the twilight of his career. Who to send for him? I have no idea. I would say Daniel Hudson, but he is needed right now and has great upside potential for future. Beckham? No way. The Tank? no way. Danks or Floyd? Not just now way, but no *^%$&^ way.!!! What about AJ and Linebrink? AJ thru Boston for pitching prospect, and Linebrink direct to Nats? The how’s are your problem Kenny. A middle lineup of Rios, Konerko, Dunn, Quentin reminds me of a certain lineup that crushed all. That would be Youkalis, Ortiz, Ramirez and Mike Lowell. With JP and Alexei to get on in front of them, no pitcher’s getting thru that gauntlet.

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