Yankees sticking with Mitre – for now

With Andy Pettitte headed for the disabled list and expected to miss four to five weeks, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters Monday that Sergio Mitre will take Pettitte’s spot in the rotation. 

Cashman told the New York Daily News that his earlier pursuit of Cliff Lee from the Mariners was “a special case” and he does not necessarily see another starting pitcher being acquired before July 31. Cashman was more blunt with the New York Post, saying, “I’m not looking for starting pitching. I don’t feel compelled. This is why we have Sergio Mitre.” 
Cashman told both newspapers that Joba Chamberlain was not considered to move into the rotation, saying Mitre had outpitched Chamberlain in Spring Training. One area the Yankees may look to improve is their bullpen; the Post reported the Yankees had a scout watching the Blue Jays, possibly looking at Kevin Gregg or Scott Downs. 
— Bryan Hoch


Yankee fans are waiting for someone to realize that our pitching isn’t as deep as once thought. Burnett is lousy,Pettite is hurt and we lost out on Lee. Oswalt is out there and don’t say we can’t afford him. The Rays are going after Werth and the Red Sox aren’t going to have all those injuries for long. Matinez,Beckett and Buckholtz will be back soon.
Now is the time to act,not when the best guys are gone.
We should have gotten Lee.
With our lineup we should never get beat 10-2 by anyone.

I don’t agree with the comment about the Yankee lineup. It is one of the weakest I have seen in the Bronx in years. Granderson and Posada can’t hit, Jeter is in a slump as is Texiera. There is no Matsui to help Rodriguez and Texiera. Gardner is a great player but a slash hitter. No bench to amount to anything. TheDH is a joke. The Yanks are paying for Cashmans terrible off season deals like Johnson, etc.

I dont think the current Yankees roster is capable of repeating. I agree with MickDog – Cashman made some horrible off season deals. He needs to make up for it with some midseason magic. Why would we not do a full court press for Oswalt ?? Also agree with GeogeDan – Red Sox have managed to stay close with all those injuries and they are returning soon. Rays aint going to fold either. If the Yanks want to repeat they have to earn it but are lacking the required pieces right now.

You guys are right.Johnson is doing his usual DL stint for the Yanks.They should have signed Vlad when he became a free agent or kept Matsui.Not too keen on Vazquez,either.Let’s hope they get Lee in the offseason when he is a free agent.

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