Roundup: Buzz says Oswalt in, Werth out in Philly

In need of a starter for Saturday’s game, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. cryptically said Tuesday: “I think we we know exactly what we’re going to do.” Perhaps a starter, like Ben Sheets, Dan Haren, Jeremy Guthrie or Roy Oswalt is headed to Philadelphia? The club optioned Kyle Kendrick to the Minor Leagues that same day, and later that night, veteran Jamie Moyer sustained an injury that will likely put him on the disabled list, so starting pitching is needed in Philly. wrote about “indications” that the Phillies were in the midst of a “major deal” to acquire a starting pitcher in hopes of salvaging their season on Tuesday night. But on Wednesday afternoon, they followed-up by reporting that Oswalt “could be on the verge of blowing up a potential deal,” since he wants any team that acquires him to guarantee his $16 million option for 2012. For now, the Phillies are balking at that offer. added that it’d probably be J.A. Happ moving in an Oswalt deal, and the club is also looking to move struggling outfielder Jayson Werth (a free agent after this season). 
Astros owner Drayton McLane told’s Brian McTaggart that no deal involving Oswalt appeared imminent as of Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Oswalt — owner of a full no-trade clause — told reporters he hasn’t been approached about any possible trades. 
With less than two weeks remaining until the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, here’s more buzz from around the league … 
* The White Sox, according to’s Ken Rosenthal, are “trying to accelerate talks” with the Brewers for slugging first baseman Prince Fielder. The problem, Rosenthal notes, is Milwaukee wants a starting pitcher, and they view trade candidate Daniel Hudson as only a middle-of-the-rotation starter. White Sox GM Ken Williams said recently that the market was not to his benefit
* The Mets reportedly signed Chad Cordero to a Minor League contract on Wednesday, but they apparently want even more relief help. wrote that the Mets are currently focused on the relief-pitching market and are eyeing the Pirates’ Octavio Dotel and the Blue Jays’ Scott Downs
* Seeking bench strength, the Yankees are looking into the Indians’ Jhonny Peralta and the Marlins’ Wes Helms, according to Rosenthal, who added that the price for Jose Bautista and Ty Wigginton were too high. 
* Pedro Martinez will not pitch in 2010, his agent, Fernando Cuza, told But he has not officially retired. 
* The Giants, Tigers, White Sox and Braves have inquired about Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista, Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan reported via Twitter. 
— Alden Gonzalez


What is wrong with you people????? Ruben, Charlie, anyone there with any brains? Didnt you guys learn your lesson when you traded Cliff Lee???? One of the biggest mistakes you ever made!! And your thinking about making another mistake with talks of trading Jason Werth? Come on! Your gonna slowly start to lose some loyal fans & followers if you dont think twice about trading Werth, & i’ll be the first one to go!!!!

As a Phillies fan, I say let Oswalt go. If he has different stipulations for the Cards than he really doesn’t want to go to Philly. They should pursue Haren & Johnson from the Dbacks. Haren is only making 12.5 million and is locked up through 2012. Also Johnson would give the Phillies a much needed bat until Utley gets back.

as a philly fan I too agree with the last writer the phillies should go after Haren and Johnson and deal away Werth. Werth is not doing anything at this momment and we are in need of some fresh meat that may help the phillies. The so called Phillies fan who thought that letting go of Werth was stupid must like watching a Loser on the Field. Well I don’t I have seen A loser in the phillies org. to long in the past to know I don’t want to see another decade of the same mess. So if you don’t want to cheer for the Phillies because they traded Jason Werth then you must not of been a fan anyway, so get to steppin. If the phillies would have kept Lee and paid to keep holliday we would not be in this mess.

c’mon you know this guy is gonna come back sooner or later. he loves the game to much. this is gonna be like brett farve all over again!

c’mon you know this guy is gonna come back sooner or later. he loves the game to much. this is gonna be like brett farve all over again!

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