Rangers looking at Cantu, Wigginton.

The Rangers are trying to make a strong push for Marlins infielder Jorge Cantu before the Trade Deadline.

The Rangers are looking for a right-handed hitting backup first baseman and Cantu is high on their list. He is hitting .260 with ten home runs and 54 RBI in 93 games and 358 at-bats for the Marlins. But he is also hitting .222 with no home runs and four RBI in 17 games in July

The Rangers are also still interested in Orioles infielder Ty Wigginton, who is hitting .249 with 16 home runs and 48 RBI in 91 games and 333 at-bats. He also has been in a slump, hitting .209 in June and .208 in July.

Chris Davis would still be the Rangers primarly first baseman but the Rangers want a right-handed hitter to help him out and replace Joaquin Arias on the roster.

Cantu though has just a .733 OPS against left-handers this season and Wigginton has a .711 OPS against them.

Not very exciting but the Rangers would probably not have to give up that much to get them.



Kudos to the Rangers with everything they’ve had to deal with off the field (going back to the off-season and Ron Washington) and now bankruptcy talk. Still with all that they continue to win, have a comfortable lead in the West and have pulled off the biggest deal so far. Now they’re attempting to add another veteran bat.

They’ve made it quite clear that they want more than just a trip to the post season.


I don’t if Cantu or Wigginton can help the Rangers based on the way they’re slumping. Besides the Yankees will probably over pay for one of them after loosing out on Cliff Lee.

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