Haren to Angels for Saunders + 3

Dan Haren, who was rumored to be headed to the Yankees earlier in the
week and had been a hot name throughout July, got his wish to stay on
the West Coast — and also landed in a pennant race. The Angels picked
him up in exchange for pitchers Joe Saunders, Rafael Rodriguez and
Patrick Corbin, along with a player to be named later. More: LAA | ARI



Since we are cleaning house, Make Gracy and Sutton go to the east coast where we don’t have to watch them. We can get both of them out of broadcasting booth and get some good commentators. Maybe the Dodgers will trade Vin Sculley for Upton?

Get rid of Upton, if I hear “he is only 23 years old” one more time I will p-ee on the one who says it. We were beat by a 21 year old pitcher and 23 year old catcher for the Giants.

Reynolds is this years CY. Trade him or send him to the minors to figure it out.

PLEASE no more Qualls, I can’t stand it.

Gibson has been ineffective, time to bring in Pat Murphy from San Diego, he was the ASU coach that put together the #1 team in the nation.

I thought one of the reasons Hinch was fired was he depleted the farm system? Well D’backs have a need and ASU has the talent, But out of the D’Backs brain trust nothing happened.

Not one ASU player was taken till the 600th pick by the D’backs in the draft, and they are just 5 miles away… ?

D’backs pick Only five LHP drafted. 20 RHP!!!

San Diego Padres Pick 2 ASU players. EIGHT LHP. St.Louis took a bunch from ASU, but they are winners.

Get rid of the hiting and pitching coaches too!!!!

Jack Howell Batting Coach … hit .239 with 108 home runs and 337 RBI in 941 career games …

Mel Stottlemyre Pitching Coach …. His lone stint in the Majors was in 1990 with the Royals when he went 0-1 with a 4.88 ERA in 13 games (2 starts).

I will root for San Diego the rest of the season. At least I have some connection to coach Murphy.

I will miss Dan Haren! I hope the D-Backs can figure out a way to win, I don’t care who or what it takes, they just need to do something!

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