Roundup: Injuries changing Tigers’ needs?

Aside from the big pitching prizes available before next week’s Trade Deadline, there remains a number of complimentary bats and relief pitchers available on the market. The trade winds are blowing strong especially for these type of players, as has reported is the case with Jorge Cantu, Ty Wigginton and other similar pieces.

A rash of injuries in Detroit has left the Tigers in a possible situation where they are forced to entertain more trade offers.’s Bill Ladson suggested Sunday on Twitter that Detroit is very interested in Nats slugger Adam Dunn as a possible replacement.

Here are a few more updates from around the league on Sunday:

— As an update to the Dan Haren situation,’s Ken Rosenthal reported on Sunday that the Yanks remain the most likely landing spot for the D-backs hurler. The Tigers, he points out, as another possible suitor for Haren have bigger issues in the wake of the most recent set of injuries.  As many New York beat reporters pointed out on Sunday, though, the Yankees are only willing to acquire Haren on their own terms and won’t give up too much to get him. The New York Post speculated that the Yanks could be holding off on Haren to ensure they can snag Cliff Lee as a free agent this offseason.

— Still many outlets feel Roy Oswalt is more likely to be moved before the deadline. suggested on Sunday that the Cardinals and Dodgers were having a hard time matching prospects with the Astros for a potential deal. The report also speculates that the Astros asked for a Major League ready position player from the Dodgers such as James Loney or Matt Kemp.

— Nats pitcher Livan Hernandez told The Washington Post that he’d be more than interested in coming back to the club next season and ending his career there.

— As for relievers, Toronto’s Scott Downs has attracted a great amount of attention on the trade market of late, according to a Twitter report from’s Jon Paul Morosi.  The competition could be ‘fierce’ for the reliever, Morosi reports.’s Buster Olney followed that with another Tweet later in the day, suggesting that there was a lot of interest in the Blue Jays efforts to shop Downs, with rival teams anxious to see what they’ll recieve for him.

Bailey Stephens 

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