Mets talking Frenchy, nothing imminent

The Mets have had conversations with the Royals regarding Jeff Francoeur, but it’s doubtful that anything will come of that before Saturday’s non-waiver Trade Deadline.

Multiple published reports this weekend claimed that the Mets were interested in dealing Francoeur, who is making $5 million this season, for Royals reliever Kyle Farnsworth, who is making $4.5 million. On paper that matches up, considering the Mets’ desperate need for bullpen help. But the Mets are wary of trading Francoeur and then watching Carlos Beltran suffer a setback in his recovery from right knee surgery. Though Francoeur is nothing more than a fourth outfielder for the Mets at the moment, he is also an important source of depth.

That said, Francoeur told multiple news outlets this weekend that he would be receptive to any trade that would net him more playing time. The Royals could certainly offer that sort of situation.

–Anthony DiComo

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