Roundup: Oswalt deal unlikely?

The Roy Oswalt saga continued on Monday as multiple media reports emerged suggesting that both the Cardinals and Phillies looked to be moving away from acquiring the Astros’ ace. The Astros are reportedly looking for a big return, which makes the possibility he’ll be dealt before Saturday’s deadline far from certain.’s Jayson Stark suggests on Monday that the Astros are understandably hesitant to deal Oswalt to a divisional contender, but even so, Stark isn’t sure they have the prospects to land the ace anyway. 
More reports from emerged on Monday afternoon reporting from an unamed source that Oswalt may not approve a trade to the Phillies. As a result, the report suggested, Oswalt could choose to wait until the offseason and select the highest bidder.

The Dodgers, seen as another viable option for Oswalt, reportedly bristled at the idea of giving up James Loney or Matt Kemp.

But Oswalt is far from being the only key valuable commodity out there. Here’s a look at some other news from Monday.

-With their strong week, the Marlins have reached a point where they are unsure about how they will move forward at the Trade Deadline. One Florida-area beat writer reported on Monday on Twitter, though, that teams are inquiring about Chris Volstad. There was already talk of multiple teams, including the Rangers, interested in Jorge Cantu. So it will be interesting to see where the Marlins land on their decisions.

– Amidst media reports that the Mets and Royals were discussing a possible trade for Jeff Francoeur,’s Anthony DiComo reported that the Mets are wary of losing Francoeur and needing another outfielder again if Carlos Beltran should go down. Stark also reported on Twitter on Monday that Kansas City has no interest in Francoeur, Ollie Perez or Jose Guillen or whoever.

– Aside from Ted Lilly, the Cubs have a few other valuable trade chips in Derrek Lee or Kosuke Fukudome.’s Ken Rosenthal reported on Twitter on Monday that the Cubs would pay part of his $4 million salary and “quite a bit” of $13.5 million salary next year. A source told Stark that it’s unlikely that Lee would OK full-no-trade clause at this point.

Keep checking’s Hot Stove Blog for the latest trade rumors heading into Saturday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline!


— Bailey Stephens

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