Wren believes he can strengthen his outfield internally

Braves GM Frank Wren might eventually be persuaded to add some depth to his bullpen before the trade deadline.  But it doesn’t appear that he’s too interested in the mix of available outfielders, namely center fielders, who could be obtained via a trade.

“I think we’re still looking internally at the pieces that we have,” Wren said early Monday evening. “Right now, I’d have to say that’s the way that we’re leaning.”  <p>

As mentioned last week, the Braves have shown little interest in Florida’s Cody Ross.  Whatever interest they may have had in David DeJesus was obviously erased when the veteran outfielder was lost to a season-ending thumb injury last week. 

If Wren sticks to his current plan to go with internal pieces, Melky Cabrera might serve as the primary center fielder over the season’s final two months.   Cabrera has hit .298 while the Braves have gone a Major League-best 44-23 since May 10. 

The Braves haven’t completely given up on Nate McLouth yet.  But if the veteran center fielder continues to struggle, Cabrera and Gregor Blanco, who is currently with the Triple-A Gwinnett roster, will likely receive a bulk of the playing time in center.

– Mark Bowman  

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