All quiet with the Reds

It’s been crickets and tumbleweeds around the Reds during this final week before the Trade Deadline. (That means it’s been quiet). General manager Walt Jocketty confirmed as much on Wednesday morning.

“It’s quiet. I don’t expect anything to happen, not with us,” Jocketty said. “A lot of times it doesn’t start to escalate until the last few days. Maybe when we get back home, it might change.”

Jocketty has been making and taking calls this week but nothing has gotten to the interesting phase it seems.

“Not a lot but a few. Talking to other clubs, there’s always some outlandish proposals,” he said. “The sense I get from other clubs is two factors. People don’t want to give up their young prospects and clubs don’t want to take on additional payroll. That makes it hard to make a deal. Again, that may change closer to the deadline.”

Even if it’s quiet — Jocketty has pulled off deadline trades each of the last two seasons that no one saw coming. Last year, the Reds acquired Scott Rolen minutes before the deadline and in 2008, the Reds dealt Ken Griffey Jr. to the White Sox.

— Mark Sheldon

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