Yankees balk at Joba for Downs

The Yankees have interest in trading for Blue Jays lefty Scott Downs, but not at the prices Toronto is requesting, the New York Post reported Wednesday.
The newspaper said that the Blue Jays asked for right-hander Joba Chamberlain, who has struggled in his eighth-inning role and is on the verge of being bounced out of it with Dave Robertson pitching well. The Yankees debated parting with Chamberlain in talks with the D-backs for Dan Haren, but do not appear to be primed to do so for Downs.
When the Red Sox contacted the Blue Jays about Downs, a source told the newspaper that Toronto asked for highly regarded infield prospects Casey Kelly or Jose Iglesias.
The 34-year-old Downs would fill a need for the Yankees with Damaso Marte on the disabled list and Boone Logan as the only left-handed option in the bullpen. The Post also again noted the Yankees have spoken to the Orioles about infielder Ty Wigginton.
— Bryan Hoch


Casey Kelly is not an infield prospect. He is a “pitching mound prospect” (pitcher). Iglesias is an infielder. 1-for-2 is good in baseball, but not in “journalism.” Good night.

Trade Jaba but perhaps for someone better than Downs. Definitely there is a need for one or two more arms in the bullpen.

Trade Jaba for Downs, it is almost a plus just to get rid of him. Need at least one other reliable arm for the bullpen. Otherwise no reason to panic and trade away top minor league prospects.

Mistery : Casey Kelly was a dual infield (shortstop) and pitching prospect. He switched over to primarily pitching very recently.

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