Braves are showing more interest in Ross

While winning just two of their first six games on this road trip and watching the Phillies upgrade their roster with the addition of Roy Oswalt, the Braves are now showing a little more interest in Cody Ross. 

After Chris Coghlan injured his left knee earlier this week, the Marlins indicated they wouldn’t move Ross.  But it appears they may be willing to deal the veteran center fielder in exchange for an attractive package of prospects. 

The Red Sox are also showing interest in Ross and multiple sources have said they may be a better fit than the Braves. 

The Braves had minimal interest in Ross last week.  But while scoring three runs or fewer in seven of their past 14 games, they have gained reason to believe they may need to upgrade their lineup. 

While homering once every 22.2 at-bats during the 2008 and ’09 seasons, Ross may have qualified as a definite upgrade.

Still despite homering just once every 42 at-bats and compiling a .734 OPS this year, he could certainly prove more productive than Melky Cabrera, who has hit just three homers and compiled a .687 OPS in 306 at-bats for the Braves.

– Mark Bowman 

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