Roundup: And we’re off…

With the conclusion of the World Series, it’s that time of year again. And with recent changes to the basic agreement, the Hot Stove is sure to be heating up even earlier this year. Free agents now have just five days to exclusively negotiate with their original team. Beginning with the sixth day, they are free to sign with any team. 

The market is teeming with big free agent names like Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford and more. Where will they land? Stay tuned, we’ll have all the news on the latest hot stove news here on the blog and on Now here’s a roundup of the rumors around the league on the first day after the Fall Classic: 
  • reported on Tuesday that the D-backs aren’t expected to bring back pitcher Brandon Webb in 2011. The news isn’t a huge surprise considering rotator cuff and labrum injuries cost Webb nearly all of the last two seasons. Webb appeared in several Instructional League games this fall, but his fastball topped out in the low-80s. Webb carries a large upside, though, if healthy, one that figures to interest several teams this offseason.
  • Yankees captain Derek Jeter is officially a free agent, but he’s widely expected to return in pinstripes. Hal Steinbrenner told Michael Kay on ESPN 1050 on Monday that the Yankees “absolutely want” Jeter back. Steinbrenner did say however that there’s always the possibility that negotiations could get messy. That’s not the Yanks’ plan, however.
  • The D-backs have elected to decline their half of the option for first baseman Adam LaRoche, opting instead for a $1.5 million buyout of his contract. LaRoche is coming off a season in which he hit 25 homers and notched 100 RBIs for the first time in his career. 
Bailey Stephens

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As a life-long Yankee, I have a few suggestions and concerns:

1- The Yankees MUST positively go after Cliff Lee however I am concerned that the team in going to get into a trap of giving him a gtd 5-6 year deal. Please do NOT let this happen! Cliff just turned 33 years old, has had issues with his back and looked rather “Human” against the Giants. I believe a gtd 4yr w/a 5th yr op is more than adequate at 15-16 mil per.

2- I really wish that Andy Pettite would give us a decisions sooner rather then later….wuts the deal with all this undecision? U said you like taking the mound every 5th day, u have not lost your competetive edge and is still a formidable 2nd-3rd starter – make a freakin decision please and sign for 2 years and then go on with you your life!

3- Now here’s our Derek Jeter problem….I say again, DJ Problem! Wut to do & wut not to do….first and foremost, Derek Jeter is ABSOLUTELY NOT worth 22.6 mil he made last season! DJ is an average SS with a hell of a resume….I ask, do we pay for wut he’s worth on the feild or do we pay for his resume and this status? I say, pay him for wut he’s worth at this stage of his illustrious career….DJ should get no more than a 3 yr deal at 40mil…even thats a stretch!!!!

I did some number crunching and compared DJ’s year -vs- Marco Scutaro of the Sox….and the numbers are almost identical and Scutaro is only making 5.5 mil….People, we’re talking about a diff of 17 mil of which we can use to pay Cliff Lee!

Another thing, I really hope Girardi does NOT make the same mistake in 2011 of making DJ our lead off hitter….he is NOT a lead off hitter! DJ is a 2nd or 8th batter of our lineup – PERIOD! He is no longer a doubles hitter but rather a single hitter and let’s face it – he is a stalemate at 1st base b/c he doesn’t steal bases and struck out wayyy too much!

Our leadoff hitter is Gardner or Crawford if we can get him….we need someone w/speed and a guy that can leg out a double to give our boppers an opportunity to drive runs.

I would love to get your opinion.

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