Boras: Beltre interest unprecedented

Nobody is better at creating a market for his clients than Scott Boras, and perhaps this is just another one of his ploys. But because Adrian Beltre is coming off winning a Silver Slugger and could’ve won a Gold Glove, and because the Red Sox would most certainly want to resign him, what Boras said recently is worth noting.

While on MLB Network Radio on Thursday, the super agent said he has never had more interest in one of his free-agent clients than he has had for Beltre this offseason, which may be hard to believe considering Boras has represented the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, among so many other franchise-type players.

Boras said: “I would have to say in my years of doing this I’ve never had so much interest in one player. I’m not sure that the media quite understands what Boston did for Adrian Beltre, but I think his leadership has come to surface. We’ve had a number of teams contact us, vastly more than we ever expected, and we expected a good number, certainly. But there are teams wanting to move players to make room for him.”

Looks like Beltre’s 2011 destination won’t be known any time soon. 

Alden Gonzalez

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