Lee’s agent unsure if he’ll attend GM Meetings

Darek Braunecker, the agent for ballyhooed free-agent pitcher Cliff Lee, is still unsure whether or not he’ll attend the General Managers’ Meetings in Orlando, Fla., which kick off Monday night and end Thursday.

He’s not sure it’s worth it.

“This year, it’s GMs only, no support staff, no assistant GMs; nobody other than the GMs and owners are coming in,” Braunecker, who will make a decision about attending later on Monday, told MLB.com.

“Significant changes are going to limit the kind of things we’ve been able to do in the past. If we deem it’s beneficial, we’ll go. If not, we won’t go. … The bottom line is those Meetings serve different purposes for different agents and people.”

Braunecker re-stated Monday that negotiations regarding Lee are still in the “initial stages,” adding: “I don’t know how to handicap that; it’s hard to say. I think there’s a process that obviously we go through with each of these situations.”

More on MLB.com shortly.

— Alden Gonzalez


Jeter, Rivera & Pettite have done a whole lot for the NYY but in turn the NYY have been more than fair in what they’ve done for the players. We all know that the above 3 players are going to get a lucrative contract so to be fair to the NYY the 3 of them should get their contracts out of the way [quickly] so it’s not an issue to interfere with signing a free agent or two! They’ve made the millions. The longer they drag out their signings the harder it is for NYY to get their other business accomplished. Get on to signing C. Lee, a RP and maybe Crawford or Werth? GO YANKEES….

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