Terms on Westbrook’s deal

A source close to the negotiations has confirmed the terms of Jake Westbrook’s new contract with the Cardinals.

Westbrook will receive $16.5 million guaranteed — $8 million in 2011 and $8.5 million in 2012. Following that, he has a mutual option.
After the 2012 season, Westbrook has the right to opt out of the deal. If he does so, he’s a free agent with no additional money coming his way — so it is possible that the bare minimum he will receive on the deal is $16.5 million. 
If he does NOT opt out, the option then goes to the Cardinals. They can exercise his 2013 option at a value of $8.5 million, or buy the option out for $1 million. So he would receive $17.5 million total if the club buys out the option, and $25 million total if the third year is exercised.
Additionally, Westbrook received blanket no-trade protection. There are no incentive clauses in the deal.
–Matthew Leach


Good for Jake, and good luck. He is a good pitcher when healthy and he should help the Cards out a lot.

What about Roy Oswalt pitching in St. Louis for 2010 and beyong?

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