Reports: Yanks to make 3-year offer to Jeter

The Yankees are expected to make the first proposal in what could be a long, drawn-out negotiation with icon Derek Jeter. According to several reports, the Yankees will offer Jeter a three-year deal, one “The Captain” may not take too kindly to.

The New York Post wrote recently that the three-year offer could come “very soon,” perhaps by the end of the week. The newspaper expected it to be for a total value of $45 million, but perhaps the Yankees could increase it to $57-60 million, and maybe even add a fourth-year option or a guaranteed fourth year. wrote that the Yankees would simply be happy if Jeter accepts a three-year deal for $21 million per season (the same he made in the final year of a 10-year, $189 million contract in 2010). The Web site stated the 36-year-old Jeter would like four years, and maybe even five or six, but there is at least one voice within the Yankees’ brass that is preaching a hard-line approach — though some fear a public relations mess. estimated the contract proposal to be three years, $45 million, but heard earlier from a friend of Jeter’s that the shortstop wouldn’t be pleased with anything even in the $50 million range. The Web site added, however, that the Yankees are confident Jeter wouldn’t sign elsewhere anyway.

Yankees president Randy Levine held court during the Owners Meetings in Orlando and stated that the club would be giving him a contract based on his worth as a ballplayer and nothing more, saying, “He’s a baseball player. It’s a player negotiation. Everything he is and who he is gets factored in. But this isn’t a licensing deal or a commercial-rights deal. He’s a baseball player.”

— Alden Gonzalez


JETER~ That’s the problem with signing a ‘graying icon’. You’re buying the past once paid and the ego that follows it. We’re not talking big production anymore, it’s mostly a PR sharade. Jeter has seen his better days. He’s wearing an anchor at SS, not anchoring their infield. It’s tip-toeing through eggshells, for the retirement of the #2 Jersey, in the back 40 Yankee Museum… well earned, but fading star reality. Few go out like Teddy, Musial or Aaron somewhat.
Let’s hope it’s not going to be like “Say Hey Willie”. Don’t break my heart, please Mr. #2.

From Tu headline…

“The Detroit Tigers have Arrived TO the General manager Meetings”!

Excellent grammar! “Have arrived TO”?

How did that person graduate?

From Tu headline…

“The Detroit Tigers have Arrived TO the General manager Meetings”!

Excellent grammar! “Have arrived TO”?

How did that person graduate?

TU Headline:

The Detroit Tigers Have Arrived “TO” The Gen Mgr Meetings.

Excellent grammar!

“Have arrived TO”? How about “have arrived AT…”

This is a very generous offer Derek, take it or leave it.

Love Levine’s comment “He’s a baseball player”. Sure, he is. That’s like saying New York is a city, and not elaborating. What a stupid statement.

Have u heard the latest Jeter is looking for 24 million a year, Now derek Jeter makes me sick, what team pays a 37 year old player coming off his worst year ever 24 million, greedy little bitch! Let Derek play else where, see how he likes it. I have been a yankee fan all my life, but this takes the cake, sign a shortstop with a future now at a third of the cost. Bye bye derek you could of been a man , but it turns out your just a greedy little bitch.

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