Mets closing in on Chris Young

The Mets are “closing in on a deal” for former Padres pitcher Chris Young, according to The Padres recently declined Young’s 2011 option after a season in which injuries limited him to only four appearances. After posting three consecutive strong seasons from 2005-07, Young has not made more than 18 starts in any of the past three years.

–Anthony DiComo


The Mets might as well go ut and sign every use to Be and Injured guy they can…Maybe it will have the opposite affect…Bring in the Kid who hasent been able to pitch in Three Years, and Maybe he will be the CY YOUNG winner!!! Miracles do happen! Great thinking Alderson, Im already impressed!!! Then again, We have Santana…Signed him to what ever they gave him, and he’s been nothing more than OK. Beltran, again….MULTI YEARS MULTI MIllions…Has done NOTHING! SO COME ON CHRIS YOUNG! CY YOUNG BABY!!!

Sandy, we don’t need another injury prone player. How about trading instead of signing free agents. Hey, that’s
a novel idea…”We need to evaluate our players in spring
training”. Baloney! They’ll have great springs and then
play lousy when the season starts. Can’t you understand
that Met fans want change, not the same old sugar coating?
How about trading for Garza? Go ahead, I dare you. Don’t
tell me you don’t have what Tampa wants.

The Mets have to be aggressive. They’re waiting too long to make a move for SP’s or RP’s. If Beltran can bring them a quality SP? then do it! NOW…

I hate the constant on Beltran. The man had a stellar career in ’06, played in every game but one in 2008 and was having an MVP season in 2010 before he got hurt. Nothing you can do about injuries. Give the man some slack.

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