Soriano reportedly on Angels’ radar

The Angels apparently have let bygones be bygones and are meeting with agent Scott Boras, who numbers among his stable of clients Adrian Beltre, Rafael Soriano and Jayson Werth. Boras and the club reportedly had a falling out over the Mark Teixeira negotiations two winters ago, but the agent said he has met with general manager Tony Reagins and other club officials this winter, according to ESPNLos

Reagins confirmed that there have been discussions in the report by Mark Saxon, who suggests that Soriano is the Angels’ top target among the Boras clients to fill the void left by the trade of closer Brian Fuentes to the Twins. The Angels’ primary target continues to be outfielder Carl Crawford, but they could expand their payroll to add Soriano as well. — Lyle Spencer


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If the Angles keep on waiting there will be no other to choose but Crawford and when the Yankees or the Red Sox start the budding process and you know they will it will get to where the Angles get scared and bow out. The Dodgers have rebuilt and we are left with the scraps or the crap that is left. So here we go back to being the whipping boys for the league last year was just the start we had superstar like Brandon Woods, Reggie Willits, Juan Riveria and a lot of other scrubs. I am an Angle fan have been for 40 years after seeing such great progress I just get the feeling we are going backward. What do any of the other Angle fans think on this subject?

How can anyone claim to be an Angel fan for 40 years and still mis-spell their name? I’m renewing my season tickets this week and look forward to some exciting baseball, and hopefully a return to the playoffs, in 2011.

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