Team Pujols has arrived

With a series of recent moves, the Cardinals moved much closer to cementing their everyday lineup for 2011. That means that the club can turn at least one eye ahead to 2012, by which time the Pujols Question must be resolved — Albert Pujols’ contract ends at the end of the 2011 season.
It’s not entirely clear when full-on negotiations will begin. But a member of Pujols’ representation team said on Monday that the player’s camp expects to meet with the club during this week’s Winter Meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
Neither the team nor Pujols’ representation has publicly announced a start for negotiations, and in fact they may not. There’s a good chance that any actual negotiations will be kept under lock-and-key as much as is humanly possible.
However, it does appear that dialogue of some sort should begin in the coming days.
–Matthew Leach


To Albert Pujols and John Mozeliak,

Please get the extension for Albert completed as soon as possible. The anxiety and suffering of Cardinals fans waiting for it to be announced is pervasive. We need to have Albert finish his career in St. Louis in order for us to enjoy Cardinals baseball for the next 8 to 10 years or so.

I’m a die hard Cardinal fan. Have been since I was 5 years old. At age 47, I’ve lived a lot of Cardinal baseball. There is an angle that I really haven’t thought of before regarding Albert as a humanitarian. Those that know of him fully understand that he is a giving, caring man. He both shares his wealth as well as commits his time to raising funds for those who need. Once Albert Pujols retires from baseball, which I hope is a long time coming, I truly expect him to want to continue to act charitably. Earning as much money as he possibly can during his career will obviously assist him in giving, assuming income tax planning, estate planning, funding trusts for charity now as opposed to later, on and on. He has expressed his strong beliefs in God, yet who would deny him the desire to personally control and see results to those that need help now, as people are in need, as opposed to later. Money now makes that happen. This decision can’t be easy for this man. It has to take into consideration all of these and other personal issues we aren’t privy thereto. Yes there are those who could argue that with a little p.r. work , for example, agreeing to a $25 million a year contract when he could command $30 million in order to remain a Cardinal can be spun so as to make his humanitarian side that even more favorable. There is an argument for every side. I hope that Albert remains a Cardinal for life, just like Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, & Lou Brock from 1964 forward. However, I realize that my wants and needs as a Cardinal fan need to take a back seat to Albert’s life decision. I hope management understands his wants and needs on and off the field. Given that, you guys take your time.

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