Laird-Cards could be in works, but may not quite be done

The Cardinals’ search for a backup catcher may well have come to a conclusion, and if it has, the new guy looks a good bit like his predecessors.
According to’s Jon Heyman, Gerald Laird has agreed to a one-year pact with the Redbirds, a move which would continue the club’s long-standing fondness for catch-and-throw backstops. Laird is regarded as an exemplary defensive catcher, but his offense has dipped sharply over the past couple of years.
A club official said via email on Monday night that reports of a done deal with Laird are “news to me.” That does not mean, however, that an agreement is not imminent.
Laird, who turned 31 in November, batted .207 with a .263 on-base percentage and a .304 slugging percentage for the Tigers in 2010. For his career, he has a line of .242/.300/.358, highlighted by a 2006 season with the Rangers in which he hit .296 and slugged .473 in 78 games.
While the Cards had said early in the winter that they were interested in a more offensive-minded backup catcher than what they’ve had in recent years, Laird does fit the team’s desired profile in one other way. He has started at least 76 games behind the plate in each of the past four seasons. The Cardinals would like a backup catcher who can play a little more often than Jason LaRue has played in recent years, allowing Yadier Molina more days off as the season goes along.
–Matthew Leach


So I guess they changed their minds about wanting more offense from the backup catcher???? What the hell is Mo doing? This offseason is one weird signing after another. First we “upgrade” by adding Theriot, then we sign Berkman to play the OF which he hasn’t done in years, Then we trade BRyan (perfect fit for a utility role) for crap, then we sign a horrible hitting catcher to back up Molina? I fail to see the improvements. Please, somebody who is a little more optimistic please explain how we are better. We seem to have even less depth going in to this year, which was a HUGE problem last year.

What the f*** is Mo doing?????

mo schmo

The reason that we didn’t win the division last season was because our offense didn’t score runs consistantly. In a third of our games, we scored two runs or less. To fix this problem, MO added a shortstop who is better offensively than B-Ryan. He also added a power bat with Lance Berkman. Defense is the most important tool for a catcher to have which makes Laird a good candidate for Yadi’s backup. Why MO traded Brendan for a minor leaguer I don’t know. We will just have to see how good that pitcher is.

I dont understand at all why we just dont use Bryan Anderson he is already under contract, he is as good of a hitter as Laird, and he plays more than one position. I know that he isnt as good of a defensive player as Laird but what is the worst that could happen if it dont work we find a guy that got cut off another squad and he gets a shot there is still some decent backup catchers out there I dont understand why the Cards let guys in the minors go and they end up making a club and we are left with nothing past STL

I think trying to secure Laird as backup catcher is a good move. We need a good defensive backup catcher to rest Yadi a little more. Catching is the most grueling defensive position IMO.

I have the solution,for us THE CARDINALS FANS,we will be free agents,lets go and sign as a phillies,Yankees or Red Sox fans,those teams know how to please their fans,they sign the best in the market. The Cardinals just bring the Lairds.Theriots tipe of player. Players with phisicall problems,bargains to see if a miracle happen. LETS GO PHILLIES, count on me as a new phillies fan!!!

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