Lee returns to Philadelphia

Free-agent pitcher Cliff Lee is headed back to Philadelphia.

The Rangers worked as hard as they could to re-sign Lee, but their pursuit came to an end on Monday when he informed the club that he was signing with the Phillies. Lee apparently took less years and less money to re-sign with the Phillies. Lee agreed to a five-year deal with a vesting option for a sixth season that could bring the total to $120 million.

“Cliff called me,” Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said late Monday night. “He was very classy. He was very appreciative of the time he was here and how he was treated. He and his family enjoyed his time here. He also enjoyed his time in Philadelphia and liked some of the things that opportunity had to offer.”

The Rangers and the Yankees had been considered the front-runners to sign Lee, but the Phillies have pushed hard since the Winter Meetings and won the pursuit. Lee pitched for the Phillies for the final two months of the 2009 season and, as he did with the Rangers this past season, helped them reach the World Series.

The Phillies traded him to the Mariners last winter. The Rangers acquired him from the Mariners on July 9.


Wow! I cant believe the phillies pulled off signing C. Lee. They probably have the best pitching rotation now. But my Giants also got one of the best pitching rotations to and if I remember correctly we beat Holladay twice and Lee twice on our way to our world series win.

Because sometimes winning is more important then money. Sorry Yanks, but Cliff is a Phillie!



Well, Lee wasn’t looking for the biggest bucks. I hate to say it, but I will. SOmething is wrong with the Yankees and maybe it’s attitude, certainly it’s pitching. What pitcher wouldn’t want to work with Hamels, Halliday, and the rest of that fine rotation. The Yankees have ONE decent pitcher – CC. They are not going to get much better either. We all adore Andy, he’s a warrior but hasn’t committed yet. The Yankees blew it big time over recent recruiting years…spending dumb money of Pavano, Wright, Vasquez. Got them nowhere. They passed up Santana, Halliday (assuming they would get these guys) and who knows how many others. What happened to Joba? Something is wrong. They have made dumb moves. So where do they go from here? Another piecemeal pitching line up. UGH.


Cliff lee is a girl he went to the Phil because it’s an easier division he did not want to face Boston 18 times Tampa Toronto white sox the rangers and the list goes on what happened when Roy faced the yanks and Boston he rocked they both scored 7 runs oswalt is joke he isn’t that good and Cole come on he got nothing I hate when the media flips out the fearsome foursome what a joke cliff just proved what’s the toughest division and the only way for Him to look good is to go to the nl he took the easy way out and go to a softball league **** I would take less money too so I can pitch to a bunch of girl cliff lee also a liar I want to come back to the rangers LIAR

Cliff Lee should have stayed with the rangers

Visibilities in searching

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