Johnny Damon back in pinstripes?

The Yankees have expressed some interest in a return engagement with Johnny Damon, according to a report by Newsday’s Ken Davidoff. 

Citing four sources, the report said that Damon and the Yankees have been discussing a role where Damon would get some at-bats as a designated hitter and fill in at left field. The Yankees have already committed to making Jorge Posada their full-time DH next year.
It is uncertain if Damon would accept a role with limited playing time, and a deal was said to be “not close and far from guaranteed.” But Damon loved his time in New York, coming over from the Red Sox and spending four seasons in pinstripes. The report said that Damon has communicated with Alex Rodriguez about the possibility of coming back to the Yankees.
Damon and the Yankees parted ways after the ’09 World Series victory over a difference in dollars, and the 37-year-old outfielder eventually landed with the Tigers for one year at $8 million – compared to the two-year, $14 million offer the Yankees had made at one point.
But New York had already moved on by the time Damon decided, signing Nick Johnson in what would turn out to be an ill-fated move to replace him in the lineup.
— Bryan Hoch


What a dum Idea, what the hell do you need a 37 year old part time dh for if you need a extra outfielder go get lastings milledge he has potenial.

you are right scott johnny he is a base ball man

you are right scott johnny he is a base ball man

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