Bonderman has his options

If the holidays are passed, it’s time for some previously ignored free agent pitchers to get some attention as the market whittles down and the rumor mill turns. Enter Jeremy Bonderman, who looks like he’s going to be able to call his spot where he’ll try to make a rotation this spring.
Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski told the Detroit News that they haven’t ruled out bringing back Bonderman, who would battle for the fifth spot in Spring Training. However, reported Tuesday night that the Yankees have shown interest in Bonderman as they try to sort out their rotation.
Bonderman has been linked with a few other teams in need of starting pitching, though those rumors came earlier in the offseason. As the weeks wind down towards reporting dates for pitchers in camps, those teams are going to have to make.
Whatever teams are in it, Bonderman’s going to have a choice to make. He would love to stay in Detroit, to the point that he suggested during a low point last summer that he’d retire if he couldn’t get a deal with the Tigers in 2011. He quickly came to his senses and backtracked from that, but it underscores his affinity for the only Major League team he has known. But even in keeping the door open, the Tigers have talked with other free agent starters. If the Tigers signed another, such as Brad Penny, they wouldn’t have room for Bonderman.
— Jason Beck

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