Yankees may hear from Pettitte this week

Andy Pettitte has returned home from vacationing in Hawaii and may be ready to reveal his plans for the 2011 season, a statement that would help set the course for the rest of the Yankees’ offseason planning.  

While general manager Brian Cashman said there is no timetable for Pettitte to make an announcement, a Yankees executive told ESPN.com that the team is expecting to hear from Pettitte this week. 
The 38-year-old left-hander has been weighing pitching another season against going home to Texas and spending more time with his family, and the general sense is that Pettitte is likely to retire.
“I could just tell you that he has been very good about it,” Cashman said. “He informed us about, ‘Don’t wait on me, I’m leaning toward retirement. As of right now I’m not playing, and if I change my mind I’ll let you know.'”
Cashman said that he would prefer to add another starter over a reliever, though there are not many names available that the GM is interested in.
“I don’t see much in the marketplace that would have me take that type of money and throw it at somebody else,” Cashman said.
— Bryan Hoch

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