Reports Say Garza to Cubs

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the Rays are close to making a deal to send right-hander Matt Garza to the Cubs for four prospects.

The four prospects are right-hander Chris Archer, shortstop Hak-Ju Lee, outfielder Brandon Guyer and infielder Robinson Chirinos.

Garza, who is arbitration eligible,  made $3.35 million in 2010 and will likely make considerably more in 2011.

–Bill Chastain


Oh Crap. I really like Garza but that is a crazy steep asking price with those 4 guys. I could maybe see parting with 2 of them and 2 other decent prospects, but 4 top prospects (3 already showing up in the minors)? The Cubbies better win now.

HENDRY. DON’T DO IT. This is a bad trade. Not because Garza is a bad pitcher. He’s really good. But, it doesn’t provide much impact to our team for what we’re giving up. We can have slick and great defensive middle infield in a few years and still have a pretty good rotation with some of the young arms. We should not be in an urgent “must-win-now” mode. That time has kind of passed. We need to regroup and go a different direction relying less on free agency to fill holes. Don’t make this trade, Hendry.

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