Spring Training deadline in Pujols talks

Albert Pujols has no interest in continuing contract negotiations once Spring Training starts, general manager John Mozeliak told reporters on Saturday.

Mozeliak said that he had been told by Danny Lozano, Pujols’ agent, that there is a deadline for getting a new deal done.
“We have been notified that Spring Training would be the deadline,” Mozeliak said.
The GM declined to give any further specifics regarding negotiations. Pujols is entering the final year of a contract that will end up paying him $111 million over eight seasons.
–Matthew Leach


It’s called LEVERAGE…and Albert’s got it any way he chooses to play it! Some will say that this indicates that he wants to go to free agency after the season; but to me, it’s a good sign because I think he’s ready to sign and wants it over and done with so he can concentrate on Spring Training and the upcoming season…and has told Lozano and the Cardinals to just get it done!

Pujols has been on this team since 2001. Since then he has been paid $200K in 2001, $600K in 2002, $900 K in 2003, $7MM in 2004, $11MM in 2005, $14MM in 2006, $15MM in 2007, $16MM in 2008, $16MM in 2009, $16MM in 2010, and $16MM in 2011. After bonuses and incentives, he has been paid well over $100MM, and for what? One World Series ring? For you people wearing the rose colored glasses, I hate to break it to you, but that?s one championship since 1983! What makes you think giving him a bigger contract will bring a championship caliber team. Highly unlikely. Signing Albert to an extended contract will financially strap the team beyond repair and make it critical to trim payroll. If the team gives him an additional $15MM more per year, that $15MM will have to be cut somewhere else. Let the goon go as a free agent. He deserves it.

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