White Sox showing interest in Atlanta’s pitchers

Like many Major League clubs, the White Sox seem  interested in the Braves’ wealth of young pitching talent.  But those fans hoping this means outfielder Carlos Quentin could be headed to Atlanta should be prepared for disappointment.

White Sox advance scout Bill Scherrer was at Turner Field for this past weekend’s series against the Orioles and he stuck around for this week’s series against the Rockies.  Given the White Sox and Orioles will not meet again until Aug. 8,  Scherrer has likely focused most of his attention toward the Braves’ pitchers.

While the Braves might be in the market for an outfielder, their primary focus will likely not be aimed toward corner outfielders like Quentin.  Instead they will continue to evaluate what Jordan Schafer can provide in the leadoff spot and  determine whether they need to increase their efforts to find a proven leadoff hitter like the White Sox have in Juan Pierre.

Pierre has batted .261 with a .322 on-base percentage and been successful with just 12 of his 22 stolen base attempts.   In other words, he hasn’t been the same guy who was successful with 68 of 86 stolen base attempts last year.  But since May 1, he has hit .270 with a .340 on-base percentage and been successful with seven of his 10 stolen base attempts.

With Brandon Beachy, Mike Minor, Julio Teheran and Randall Delgado, the Braves are loaded with the non-arbitration-eligible, Major League-ready arms the White Sox are seeking.

– Mark Bowman


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If ANYONE but Derek Lowe (with NO money going to Chicago) is traded for Juan Pierre, I will be severely PO’d and question the abilities of our GM.

I’d be furious if they got Pierre. He has the arm of an 10 year old girl. Weak fielding, Not really an AVG hitter anymore, not even an OBP guy, and his SB/CS has decreased significantly. Especially if he would be patrolling CF.

And please tell me you weren’t suggesting the Braves to trade one of our young arms for Juan Pierre….White Sox can keep on seeking then, cause they ain’t and should not get none of the names mentioned above.

My 10 year old niece resents this statement.

Juan Pierre oh come on. I prefer Jose Constanza

Beachy for Pierre, and there’s a hanging

The only guy that the White Sox have that may interest the Braves is named Carlos Quentin, don’t bother otherwise.

Sorry, but the term “successful leadoff hitter” and the stat “.322 OBP” are mutually exclusive. I wouldn’t give the White Sox anything more than a few bats and a box of balls for a player like Pierre.

Agree with all the comments above, except for the references to the 10-year-old girls. I’d say Pierre throws more like 7-year-old girl.

Just what we need, yet another underperforming left-handed hitting outfielder.

The only thing proven about Juan Pierre as a leadoff hitter is that he isn’t one. I wouldn’t even trade Lowe for him.

estan loco ni por una caja d bola por pierre

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Come on Mark. Are you really even mentioning Julio Teheran’s name? He’s the definition of an untouchable prospect.

If the Braves trade Beachy for Pierre, fans will immediately call for Frank Wren’s resignation.

There is no way that the White Sox would get MLB ready pitching for Pierre (unless it’s a reliever). The best they could hope for is two Low-A prospects. If the White Sox want to trade Quentin or Alexei Ramirez, then we might talk top prospects. Even then, I would be hesitant to trade anybody but Minor in a deal for Quentin.

Bowman you are terrible.

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I agree with many of the people who have posted. I would trade a chihuahua for Juan Pierre. He is not the answer.

Oops…sorry….I would NOT trade a chihuahua for Juan Pierre!

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Mark needs to put the sandwich down and think for a moment… This is perhaps the worst article ever. Why even mention Julio Teheran and Juan Pierre in the same paragraph? Get back to your Big Mac and stop posting this garbage!

Why even write this article? There is less tan a 0% chance that the Braves would trade JT for Pierre. Ridiculous

Mark, you’re killing me, mang. Killing. Really making me be dead.

The only centerfielder that I would go for would be the proven and still young Jacoby Ellsbury from Boston. He makes it happen when he used to bat leadoff.

absolutely agree about elsbury but then boston would fire their GM.. I really hope the braves leave their young arms like teheran,minor and Beachy right where they belong- in the clubhouse.. Boston wont trade him so they should just let schafer develop. I think he’s only 25…. I would rather see them make a move for Matt Kemp. This is Chip’s last year and if they move Prado to 3B, Kemp would be huge from the right side of the plate- and he’s just 27 too.. with heyward,Bmac,and freeman and their young arms,they can be a dynasty for 6 or 7 years!

Juan Pierre?..It isnt April 1st so this cant be an April Fools joke (even though it sure sounds like one). Seriously..Juan Pierre? That’s the trade deadline acquisition that’s supposed to help us get to the WS? If I was a Braves SP I would be way beyond pissed that the front office just went and put that noodle arm behind me as part of my defense. Like many others have stated, if the ChiSox aint talking Quentin or Alexei Ramirez..thanks but no thanks.

I agree with you all…not a prayer of one of our studs for a washed up Pierre. Heck, why not see if we can get Glaus back for Heyward!!!!!!

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