7/8 Cubs in listening mode

Cubs GM Jim Hendry said he’s gotten phone calls from teams inquiring about players the team is not interested in moving — and said the teams know that before they call. It’s just a feeling out process that’s normal before the July 31 trade deadline.

“Everything we try to do will be designed to try to get better moving forward,” Hendry said Friday. “There won’t be pieces moved that will be integral parts of the club a year from now. It’s just normal banter when you’re having a bad first half like we’ve had, people think you back up the truck and start moving bodies. It’s not a question of having to move money. We’ll try to do things that make logical sense.

“As we all know, most of the trades that pop up in July are usually late. Most of the time, in my experience, they weren’t the ones you planned and they just kind of happen. We’ll try to be aggressive if things make sense for us to get better for next year.”

Hendry said he’ll move players whom they feel aren’t expected to be integral parts of the team next year.

“But when you start going out on a limb July 8 and say, ‘We want to move this guy so so-and-so can play more’ and that doesn’t happen, it’s not like you’re signing free agents or you have to find people to trade people,” he said. “Usually what happens between the 8th and 31st [of July], some of your plyers become more valuable to others if clubs have injuries. That’s always been the case in the past.”

Hendry said that’s what happened last year when teams started inquiring about Derrek Lee, who was eventually dealt to the Braves.

— Carrie Muskat

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