Braves continue search for reliever and right-handed bat

While the Braves might not make a huge splash on this year’s trade market, they will be certainly be active in their search to land a right-handed reliever and right-handed hitting outfielder.

An American League scout proved more specific Friday when he said, “They’re looking for a right-handed hitter who can play each of the outfield positions.”

While the Braves might not necessarily find the versatile outfielder they are seeking, they would seemingly be satisfied to strengthen their bench with the right-handed equivalent of Eric Hinske.  This would provide manager Fredi Gonzalez at least another option to combat situations when opponents can attempt to take advantage of  the heavy left-handed presence in the Braves’ lineup.

The desire to add a right-handed reliever is obviously aimed toward limiting the innings compiled by top middle relievers Jonny Venters and Eric O’Flaherty down the stretch.   The Padres’ Mike Adams has been mentioned to be on the Braves’ wish list.

Adams and his All-Star teammate Heath Bell have also reportedly been on the Phillies’ wish list, which seems to look a lot like the possessed by the Braves.

The Braves and Phillies could both benefit from the acquisition of Hunter Pence.   But the Astros’ outfielder will seemingly come at a steep price.

With the general belief being that Astros general manager Ed Wade is fighting for his job, one Major League source said earlier this week, “he’s got to make sure he clearly wins the deal if he trades Pence.”


– Mark Bowman


Wishful thinking but damn that would be an even sicker bullpen.

Moylan (when he comes back)
Linebrink (meh)

Moylan + Lowe with moving tehran to the rotation still seems like the best option that doesn’t involve a trade. Lowe is good but can’t last long enough to be a starter. Tehran is good enough and come playoffs he won’t be relied on much.

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