La Russa: Front office just needs to give its best effort

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa took a decidedly relaxed approach on Wednesday when asked about potential moves his club might make. With the non-waiver Trade Deadline 11 days away, La Russa was asked whether his team needed an injection of talent to make it to the postseason.


In some past years, La Russa has stumped for an addition to his team. On Wednesday, however, he acknowledged the difficulty of acquiring desirable players.


“All we need is the best effort,” he said. “And if nothing transpires, then win with what you have.


“Try. If there’s one guy you identify, I guarantee you there’s a half a dozen clubs going after him. … As long as they try, if they don’t do anything, then things could work out and we could win with this club.”


As for specific areas of addition, one that continues to draw attention is right-handed relief. La Russa acknowledged Wednesday that Eduardo Sanchez’s return from a shoulder injury is uncertain, but said that won’t necessarily affect the club’s approach.


“We’ve had [Lance] Lynn come up here, that wasn’t in the mix,” he said. “It’s what’s out there, what you realistically can get. Because there’s a lot of teams looking. I don’t know that you can send out your perfect list and expect it to get filled.”


The Cardinals have been repeatedly linked in trade speculation with the Padres, among other clubs. San Diego could move closer Heath Bell or top setup man Mike Adams.


–Matthew Leach

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