Tigers skipping top prospect Turner

If anything has changed in the Tigers’ recluctance to trade top prospect Jacob Turner, it isn’t showing in their actions. After Detroit moved up Turner two days in the rotation at Double-A Erie to pitch last Friday, the team is now skipping Turner from his next turn. He won’t pitch again until next Monday, six days before the July 31 trading deadline.

“We are monitoring his workload,” Tigers vice president and assistant general manager Al Avila wrote in an e-mail Tuesday.

The Tigers have refused to part with their top pick from the 2009 Draft, brushing off several inquiries last offseason. If they’re going to make a run at Rockies top starter Ubaldo Jimenez, however, it might well require them to part with him. Yahoo Sports cited a source saying any trade package would have to include Turner.

Turner pitched in last week’s Futures Game as part of All-Star Week festivities in Phoenix, then the Eastern League All-Star Game three days later, then five innings in a start two days after that. He’s the best of the Tigers’ upper-level pitching prospects, and the one that hasn’t pitched in the Majors yet. Both Andy Oliver and Charlie Furbush started and struggled in Detroit this season.

The Tigers recalled Furbush to their bullpen Tuesday for what is expected to be primarily a long relief role, seemingly ending his starting candidacy for now. Oliver has struggled off and on at Triple-A Toledo since his return, though he reportedly pitched in front of a good number of scouts Sunday night.

It doesn’t look like the Tigers have zeroed in on Jimenez by any stretch. They’ve been scouting him, but their scouts have been spotted at plenty of games in various cities in recent days.

“They’re trying hard on a starting pitcher,” one Major League scout said.

– Jason Beck


We have to keep Turner. We have plenty of trade bait on the tigers right now. We have to start keeping our draft picks. The Smoltz/Alexander trade comes to mind.

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don’t forget about the renteria/jurrjens deal…(ouch).

We gave both Jurrjens and Smoltz to the Braves. OUCH for real. Even though Alexander did deliver for us in a year when we needed a starter in a second half playoff run and we did make the playoffs in ’87 so it helped us that year, but it would have been interesting seeing John Smoltz in a Tiger uniform for 20 Hall of Fame years but we also didn’t have Leo Massoni as our pitching coach. Who knows but the Jurrjens deal felt bad and was. Renteria was a huge bust for us even though he did get W.S. MVP for the Giants last year but the guy always did do better in the N.L. Tigers brass should have looked at his horrible stats in Boston before letting stud Jurrjens go. I guess you live and learn, letting Turner go isn’t an option in my eyes! Even though Ubaldo Jimenez does sound real nice and at this point I would believe a rotation of J.V., Porcello, Penny, Mad Max, and Jimenez would probably lock up the central as long as our bullpen keeps up their end of the deal as they have been (knocking on wood) for the last few months. Thanks Jimmy for putting Coke back there, thats where he needs to be. I guess al us Tiger faithful have 9 days to see what Captain Dave comes up with, getting Betemit made me smile, I love Brandon but he needs a change of scenery and Betemit is a talented switch hitter who never got to show his talents in K.C. because they are constantly switching their lineup for prospects. I like Wilson and hope he can give us pop at third, I will miss the amazing plays Brandon makes over there but I believe Betemit can do the same, lets hope.

all us Tiger faithful not al. I have been hooked on phonics….Sorry TigerNation!

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