Braves remain interested in Beltran

There’s no doubt the Braves have continued to show interest in acquiring Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran.  But as was mentioned earlier this week, it might prove difficult for them to make this deal with  a division rival that is looking for top pitching prospects.

The Braves have an abundance of pitching, but it does not seem like they have any interest in parting ways with their most highly-touted pitching prospects Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado or Arodys Vizcaino.   When this was brought up to a National League scout he responded with, “they remember what happened with the  (Mark) Teixeira deal.”

To get Beltran, the Braves wouldn’t have to give up nearly as much as they did for Teixeira, who was appealing enough that the Rangers received Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Matt Harrison, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and a Minor League pitcher in return.

The Braves felt they would have Teixeira for at least 1 1/2 seasons and have the opportunity to make two postseason runs with him.  With Beltran being a free agent at the end of this season, he would simply be a short-term rental who would significantly improve the club’s chance to win a World Series.

While the Braves might not be willing to part ways with Teheran, Delgado or Vizcaino, they may still have enough pitching in their system to put together an attractive package that could be highlighted by Mike Minor, the seventh overall selection in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft.

If the Braves acquire the switch-hitting Beltran, he would likely spend most of his time in right field and diminish the playing time of Jason Heyward.    The Braves are also looking at other right-handed hitting outfielders who could possibly platoon with Heyward in right field.

– Mark Bowman






Mike Minor for 2 months of Carlos Beltran, eh? Just know that if we make that trade, we would’ve wasted a first round pick for 2 months of an injury-prone, aged outfielder that’s not COMPLETELY guarranted us that he’ll carry us to the WorldSeries.

@Ryan – Yes, but we can’t predict anything regards to injuries. Anybody we go for could be injured… Also, not one player can completely guarantee us a birth in the World Series. That’s why you make trades, to strengthen one’s team.

Would much rather see Minor lead a group of three prospects to Houston for Hunter Pence. If we are talking about giving up major league ready talent, it won’t take that much more to get a player who we can control for another year, and has a greater upside. Heck, I have heard rumors that we are in a BJ Upton conversation. That would be an even better fit, as CF is our position with the least current upside. If Heyward can straighten things out, his ceiling is much higher than a McLouth/Schafer platoon!

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If Beltran is not gonna play CF and is gonna Platoon? Then don’t even bother trading a high prospect for a 2 month rental your gonna platoon????? Thats retarded he can play CF for 2 months!

Diminishing Heywards time in RF? What the hell is the point of the trade then if Heyward isn’t going to play? I swear to god…

Pence is Under team control through 2013

How about Marlon Byrd? Hes been good for the Cubs the past two years. Check out my blog

-Chris Jelinek

Hunter Pence would be the best fit for Atlanta, I dont see why they dont make a trade for him. This team is not ready yet to compete with the Phillies. I believe Pence would be the key to put this team over the top. We always seem to go after these injury prone players and players past their prime. Lets hope for a miracle and the braves truly get a difference maker. Sadly too many teams this year THINK their still in the race but really only the Phillies Braves Brewers Cards and Giants are serious contenders, the rest are just dreaming. Heres hoping!

Platoon? Platoon? Are you out of your damn mind? You’re saying you’d rather have Schafer/McLouth in the lineup rather than Heyward/Beltran? You’re nuts, Beltran is playing CF

How about this….acquire Beltran,AND trade Derek Lowe (and his salary) to the Tigers for Brandon Inge,who’s on waivers now.Get the Tigers to pick up some of Inge’s contract,as well as all of Lowe’s,and maybe we can afford to make a competitive offer for Beltran NEXT year.If we can’t keep Beltran,maybe Inge will come around for us by moving to a new team…

id rahter them acquire bj upton or pence! they r still under contract after this season. i think pence could handle playin CF??? hes got good speed, range and arm. how bout this outfield when chipper gets back?? LF- Prado CF- Pence/upton, RF- Heyward.
1. prado 1.upton
2.pence 2.prado
3.chipper 3.chipper
4.mac 4.mac
5.freeman or 5.freeman
6.uggla 6.uggla
7.heyward 7.heyward
8.gonzalez 8.gonzalez

I know i know everyone thinking upton leadingoff?? Well cant b much worse then jordon (batting .220!) Hes got more speed and pop then jordon. Send jordon down to AAA and leave Nate on bench. he at least knows how to take a walk and gets on base more.

Then trade Lowe somewhere. Anywhere that will take him and his $$. that will free up some salary for upton/pence. our bulpen will b ok. we should b gettin moylan and medlen back soon (hopefully) get them back and send out martinez and proctor to AAA. them call up 1 of the rooks they gotta b able to do better then Lowe!!
That all sounds great to me!

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