Astros willing to listen

The Astros are engaged in numerous trade conversations, but general manager Ed Wade has a policy not to discuss trade specifics.

What’s known is outfielders Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn – their two best offensive players – have been attracting considerable attention, but they will come with a steep price. Houston is more likely to deal pitchers Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers, despite their multi-year contracts.

“As I’ve indicated before, at the very least we have to be good listeners,” Wade said. “We can always say ‘no’ to anything that we don’t think improves us in the short term or long term. It’s important for us to be proactive on a couple of different fronts as we were with Jeff Keppinger, and at the same time be receptive and responsive to any other inquiries or opportunities that may present themselves.”

— Brian McTaggart


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id love to see if the stros would take julio terherian and nate mcclouth for hunter pence. id love to see pence in ATL for some reason he reminds my of my faveroit all time brave dale murphy

You’re an idiot. One, you spelled “teheran” wrong. Two, Teheran alone would represent a complete overpay for Pence. Three, Pence isn’t half the player Dale Murphy was.

shubox, I’ve always thought anyone who calls someone else an idoit is, in fact, an idiot and an overbearing one at that. The commenter has a right to propose a 2-for-1 deal for Hunter Pence and also he has the right think that Pence reminds him of Murphy.

Agreed. Teheran should be untouchable, but I am a Pence fan and would love to see him in ATL.

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