Bucs still finding trade demands to be too high

The Pirates continue to look to add pieces — in particular, a corner infield/outfield bat and relievers — before Sunday’s trade deadline. But to this point, general manager Neal Huntington continues to find the asking prices to be exorbinant.

Asked on Monday if other teams are beginning to come down on their demands now that the there is less than one week before Sunday’s deadline, Huntington responded: “Oh, they’re getting worse. I don’t know if it was the three-game losing streak, or Alex Presley’s injury or what, but they are trying to exploit our situation. If I were in other teams’ shoes, I would try to leverage the situation as much as possible, too.”

That’s not encouraging for a team that, if it wants to contend in the NL Central through September, must fill some holes. Huntington maintained that while he won’t give up the farm system, he does sincerely want to add to the current roster to give it a chance to stay in a playoff hunt. The Pirates are hopeful that as Sunday approaches, demands from other clubs will begin to lessen.

— Jenifer Langosch

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