Beltran to Giants all but done?

Various reports this afternoon are putting Carlos Beltran in a Giants uniform, possibly as soon as today. Multiple Mets officials declined comment, though multiple published reports have indicated the deal is centered around either right-handed pitcher Zack Wheeler or outfielder Gary Brown.

Beltran has already said that he would waive his no-trade clause to join the Giants.

–Anthony DiComo


To the Giants ok ! what are we getting for him besides a bag of balls ?? Wheeler would be ok …another outfielder we don’t need !! the Mets make these deals !! Don’t give the guy away lets get a player that will help !! make us at lest 2 games over 500 …lol i like Beltran ….most Met fans can’t over the 3rd strike in 2006 …but they forget he hit 3 HR’s in that series !! and carried the Mets the whole yr !!!

you do realize wheeler is gonna be a future ace right? and peguero can easily be a future starting centerfielder. the mets fans should be overwhelmingly excited about this deal.

Finally gone goodbye

I don’t know enough about Wheeler to comment intelligently. I hope we are getting more than just another Boog Bonser, another Sabean pick of the past.

Sorry. Boof. not Boog

If we get rid of beltran, please get someone good in return, not another ooutfielder.

We need to dumb Beltran bc if we dont he will leave at the end of the year and we will get nothing for him. Sandy is doing whats best the mets in the long run.

very upset by this trade. i liked beltran a lot and he has been helping the mets maintain at least 500. with him gone where are we going to be. mets are finished for this year. i don’t like sandy alderson right now. i know he has no patience for sentiment but sometimes it is important. i think the mets fans have suffered enough over the years. i know i am one of them

I couldn’t agree with you more. Whoever they’re giving us BETTER be ace’s!!! and NOTHING less!!!!!! As long as the Wilpon’s own the team, we will NEVER have a W.S. champions. They continually trade away the key players. You’ll see, Beltran will be great wherever he’s playing. Boo! on the Mets Org. I will become a Giants fan. Will miss our #15, C.B., terribly!!!

And you call yourself a METS FAN!!!! The Wilpons, if you remember had a World Series Champion Team back in 1986! Not to mention some division titles after that World Series. So the next time you want to put anyone down, I do suggest that you start with yourself first. Because its the fans of the game that make the front offices of any team consider the moves that they make, I will also miss Carlos Beltran, but one player doesn’t make a team. By they way, I have been a Mets fan since I have been 5 years old, and I have gone to games in Shea Stadium even when the Mets had empty seats.

And you call yourself a METS FAN!!!!!! If you remember(or may I remind you), the Wilpons had a 1986 World Series Champion team (THE NY METS) not to mention some division titles after that time. Therefore, may I suggest that if you want to criticize anyone, that you please start with yourself first. For any team in the major leagues, if the fans are not happy with certain players, they make it known. And when the fans make it known, the management of that team then considers what is best for them as well as the team and their fans. If you have this vision that running a team in the MLB is an easy task, trust me it isn’t. I myself am a METS fan and have been since I was 5 years old. I don’t like at times the things they do, but in the long run it works itself out. That’s just the way life is. Let me make it known that I will also miss Carlos Beltran, but one players does not a team make. Every individual on that team must go out their and play to the best of their ability. That’s called TEAMWORK.

Wheeler is a stud & maybe we sign Carlos back in the winter. If this is true GREAT Job Sandy!

I dont understand why the mets in there franchise trade there best players ex. Nolan ryan and tom seaver; doesnt make sense he is the only one that can hit for power.

If it’s Wheeler it’s a great mover……PITCHING & DeFENSE rules in CitiField! Great move for a “rental”

I fear that Izzy will be the next one to go……..especially after the bullpen call last night. I really hope that the Metsies get some value from the “Players to be named later”. As much as David Wright is the “face” of the organization, I wouldn’t cry if they traded him for some real pitching……like people that don’t walk the ballpark! I wish Beltran well in his new role with the Giants.
Thanks for the memories.

Hate this move, but the only thing we can do is refuse to buy mets tickets.

In the end SA will be gone, or the Mets will be bankrupt and SA will be gone.

The Mets played hard to give themselves a chance in order to stay together, and the front office betrays them and the fans.

Good job! You think it will be forgotten but it will not. Your days are as numbered now as much as Omars was. You better hope this works out in a year or two and the team does not just say we are not playing for you anymore. Fine they will play elsewhere, bring up more minor league players and lose 100 games, lets see how that works for ya.

One of the best trades i have seen yet Sandy. Wheeler was in the futures game and will be a stud.

Nobody wants Pelfrey right now and especially noone wants bay with his 18 million dollar contract for 2 more seasons. Unfortunately they are going to have to live with bay and hope he wakes up 1 day soon.

I’m sure they did, or, at least, I would hope they did…but did management inquire as to how much Carlos would cost at the end of the season? I know he’s a Boras client, but the guy can’t be TOO expensive considering his injury-plagued past.

Why not just package Bay/Pelf…get whatever the hell you can, who cares. As a result, you have the money to offer him a Jason Bay type contract, and you can start F-Mart in LF for the rest of the year, and possibly future….and we would return a line-up next year that includes everyone we have now PLUS Ike & Johan.

I bet you with THAT team, and a better than 5-13 start (or however terrible it was), we would be right in the race with a new focus on upgrading the pitching staff.

If they end up with wheeler from what i have heard of him it will be a good trade. he is the top pitching prospect in the giants organization and rated in the top 50 of all minor leaguers.

You’re being unrealistic. He’s a half season rental with no guarantee to re-sign after the end of the season with his new team. To get a stud pitching prospect like Wheeler for him is an amazing deal and you should be thrilled as a fan that Alderson pulled it off. Minaya would have butchered this trade.

I agree. I am a Giants fan, and Wheeler is supposed to be the next starter within a couple years, seeing as the Giants will likely only sign Timmy or Cain to a long term deal. Especially for a rental player who has bad knees and may be questionable in the outfield, Wheeler proves great for the Mets pitching future. And believe me, they need it.

I’m really surprised they gave up their prospect. Giants desperate for a bat. I hope that they can score more than 3.1/game now…

Minaya probably wouldn’t have been able to get him to waive his no trade clause. Beltran has been great for the mets other than the first season. He has been crucial to the mets “success” this year and has been a mentor to all the young guys. He will be missed. Not only by fans but a lot of the clubhouse will not like it either. If the Mets are able to develop wheeler which they have the staff talent to do it is a good deal. the mets need good pitching in the worst way since the most consistant guy we haveis gee.

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