Yankees may not make a big move

It is little secret that the Yankees would like a big-time arm to slot behind CC Sabathia in their rotation, given the uncertainty their current hurlers may offer come October, but the Rockies’ asking price for Ubaldo Jimenez is still believed to be too rich.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that the Yankees have spent more time discussing relievers and, internally, have pessimism that they will be involved in a major deal before the Trade Deadline. Ownership is also not pushing general manager Brian Cashman to make a big move.

The Rockies’ original asking price for Jimenez, according to the Post, was left-hander Manny Banuelos, right-hander Dellin Betances and catcher Jesus Montero, plus right-hander Ivan Nova.

Cashman has been generally protective of those players, though he was willing to part with Montero last July when the Mariners were dangling Cliff Lee. He balked at including Nova in that deal.

— Bryan Hoch


Are the Rockies friggin nuts? There’s no way Jimenez is worth all those guys, I don’t care how you say his first name!! He’s maybe worth Montero and Hughes, but that’s It. End of discussion!!!.

There is no way that Jimenez is more valuable than Lee so why would they have the same asking price?? Yankees can part ways with montero but i doubt that they will with nova. He might be the Yankees number 2 or 3 pitcher in the coming years.

jimenez isnt worth none of the yankee prospects…..id give phil hughes and dickerson or somebody in the range but no prospect…..the yankees are not getting much out of the dh spot why not bring montero up and let him get some hack at dh….also bring manny and dellin and spot start them…when was the last time the yankees had a rookie of the year cmon now

AJ and Banuelos that’s the most they should give. Maybe Sanchez or Romine instead of Banuelos. But Nova, Banuelos, Montero, and Betances?? For that package Halladay should come with Jimenez

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