Kuroda, Furcal, Carroll Discussions Update

Trade talks for the Dodgers Thursday centered on pitcher Hiroki Kuroda and shortstop Rafael Furcal, even though both can veto a trade.

Names continue to be exchanged with the five teams chasing Kuroda — the Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Tigers and Rangers — even though Kuroda said Wednesday night he had trouble envisioning himself in another team’s uniform. He has a complete no-trade clause.

Furcal’s recent improvement on the field has ignited late interest. Atlanta, his original club, and the Cardinals seem most interested. Furcal has 10-and-five veto rights.

In the wake of Rickie Weeks’ injury, Milwaukee turned away from Jamey Carroll when it acquired Felipe Lopez.  Cleveland and Atlanta also have asked for Carroll, but the prospects being discussed for both Furcal and Carroll have been underwhelming so far and the Dodgers won’t just give them away in a salary dump. — Ken Gurnick


It would be very good for the braves to Get Furcal back on get ride of Gonzalez

I’d trade Furcal for a bag of balls and a fungo bat. The chances they’d sign him after this season are nil, so why not take the salary dump and a low A prospect? Let Gordon get his feet wet in a season that means nothing and move on.

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