Pence could be on the move

The Astros appear to be moving closer to trading All-Star right-fielder Hunter Pence, has learned.

As of Thursday afternoon, at least six teams are involved in negotiations to acquire Pence, according to a person close to the situation. No deal is imminent, and Astros general manager Ed Wade declined to comment when reached by

KRIV-TV in Houston reported on its website Thursday the Reds, Phillies and Braves, along with three teams in the American League, are in the negotiations.

– Brian McTaggart


Maybe my Tribe could pull this one out of there ass to make up for the horrible Fukodome trade

i would love to see the yankees get him, what an addition he would be.

Has anyone that about Pence going to the Rangers? It might just happen…

That was suppost to say “Has anyone thought about Pence going to Rangers? I might just happen….”

David O’Brien from the AJC just tweeted this 5 minutes before this blog got posted…

“Don’t know significance, but Wren & asst. GM Manno walked w/ sense of purpose to field to talk w/ Fredi for few minutes, then back upstairs”

he’ll be in right field for the phillies

even if it cost Worrley in addition it would be worth it

Phils should give Brown, Singleton, and Cosart for Pence.

Braves Should give Minor and Conrad and Cash for Pence

Red Sox should get Pence. It would fill out their lineup and get a hard hitting righty in there. They could give up Weiland, Middlebrooks and cash

If the Phillies got Pence in right…the word ‘unbeatable’ would come to mind

The Astros want 4 players for Hunter Pence. The Phillies ain’t gonna wanna give up Vance Worley or Domonic Brown, or even Cosart. How about they go after White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin? He’s a veteran with a heavy bat…

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