Upton or Ludwick could benefit Braves

The Braves have said their activity on the trade market will not be influenced by the fact that Brian McCann will miss at least the next couple weeks with a strained left oblique muscle.  Instead, they have said are simply continuing their pursuit to add a right-handed bat to their lineup.

While Josh Willingham and Ryan Ludwick have been suggested as options, they are certainly not viewed as having the same kind of potential impact as Rays’ outfielder B.J. Upton, who could spend the final two months of this season as Atlanta’s starting center fielder and leadoff hitter.   The Rays have had a scout in Atlanta throughout this week’s series against the Pirates.

The Braves will likely have to part ways with Mike Minor or another of their top pitching prospects to get Upton, who could make approximately $7 million during his final arbitration-eligible season next year.

The Astros are seemingly asking for much more for Hunter Pence, who could make closer to $11 million via arbitration next year.   A Major League source said he believes Pence will end up with the Phillies this weekend or possibly during the offseason.

Because he is the better defender, Ludwick seemingly fits the Braves’ needs more than Willingham.    If the Braves land either one of these right-handed hitting outfielders, they will likely platoon with Jason Heyward in right field and spend some time in left field when Martin Prado is playing third base.

With the Braves planning to give third baseman Chipper Jones regular rest down the stretch, Prado could be spending a lot of time at third base.    —  Mark Bowman


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Mike Minor for Upton? For this?


Sheer lunacy. Let’s not even mention the attitude and the lack of hustle that constantly gets him benched.

We already have enough mediocrity on the team. No thanks. We’d do better to stand pat.

Wow, and Ludwick?

.238 .302 .373 .675

At least he’ll fit in with half the current lineup. I hope these are just rumors being thrown out there to divert from what Wren is really up to. If not, the Braves aren’t going anywhere this season.

Minor for a platoon player? Are you kidding me? Probably could’ve gotten gardner from the yanks for minor straight up last off season or jacoby for minor last off season. Could still get gardner for the right price I bet.

we need to get bourn and pence in a package deal…….including minor, delgado and schafer.. if we want to get quality we have to give up quality…i feel as though you have to win when you can…stop waiting until next year…….

if the stros turned down singleton, cosart and a 3rd piece for pence. no way they take that for pence/bourn. as for bj. his lines don’t look great but plays an awesome cf and leads the rays in hr’s rbi’s and sb’s….also very good in post season so far. i think he makes sense

Granted Upton has been inconsistent, but he has had a couple of very solid seasons in the Bigs already. Additionally, he is just 26 and has a ton of potential, just like Heyward. This is why Upton is so interesting to maby teams, and if he does realize his full potential, he will be a superstar. It doesn’t hurt to try IF YOU DON’T GIVE 2 TOP PROSPECTS. If its one plus a midlevel, it’s worth a shot. Hey, everyone mentions the Teixeira deal but have you forgotten the Hudson deal? We gave a young pitcher with a very good arm (Juan Cruz) plus a rookie who was playing very well for us at the big league level (Charlie Thomas, LF) and NONE of those two young guys are in the Big Leagues right now. Not all prospects develop.

I would prefer bourn over B.J and B.J over Ludwick or willingham…We need a cf more than a corner outfielder…assuming chipper can stay in the lineup…which is a risky assumption…

If we could go get bourn that would be great but id thibk the astros will give him up

look the braves need a right handed bat becuase jason heyward is doing nothing this year ok i would go get ethier bj or ryan ludwick both be a good player and put nate mclouth in center field and send jason down to the minors until the 40 man roster call up in september and if we were to trade minor thats fine becuase we have alot of pitching prospect who are just as good as minor

we need a leadoff hitter and a solid middle rp above all…bourn could be had alot cheaper tha bj or any other player on the market..It doesn’t matter if he is LH batter….

Platoon Heyward?? With who, someone thats batting less. Upton is not an upgrade. The Braves need a leadoff hitter like Bourn or a player that can at least hit the league average like Pence. BJ Upton, might give them a power bat, but giving up a prospect like Minor for a rental is stupid.

From the Astros standpoint, if you cant resign Pence this winter, why not get something. What the Phillies offered was more than fair.

Gotta love how the Braves continue to go cheap after Mark Tex debacle.

Don’t forget we STOLE Hudson from the A’s, so not all prospects develop

I really dont think we need a leadoff hitter ok Prado is just as good a leadoff hitter as anyone ok upton would be a good add but actually i rather take carlos quentin then platoon heyward becuase carlos is batting 2.62 with 20 hr and 62 rbi’s he would be a good add and keep nate in center becuase he is starting to do what we ask hime to do and thats get on base sure hes at 2.31 but hes doing better than heyward

we NEED a leadoff hitter with SPEED and a good OB%..I don’t know how you can’t see that….Prado is a #2 hitter and not a leadoff hitter…If we don’t get a leadoff hitter & trade for quinton, i would put Heyward in center..I would not platoon a guy with 20 hr’s 62 rbi..we would then have to bat prado 1st…nate Mclouth is HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE and PATHETIC..

I know he is really starting to drive me crazy and Derek Lowe too once he’s off he’s Horrible

He is doing so much better then heyward right now we are looking for a leadoff hitter yes but we are also looking for a big bat both bj and carlos would be a good add to the team i rather take carlos because he is batting so much better than bj and i like prado at number 1 becuase he is a good hitter sure he might not have alot of speed but you put him there cus he can get on base and thats what your leadoff hitter is uppost to do it will be intresting who we get i will be happy with ethier of them i rather take quentin though

I would much rather have heyward in the lineup than nate…Nate is awful..He pops up 9 out of every 10 at bats….

Why are Mariner’s not shopping Ichiro to Atlanta?

Upton would be good

Heyward dosent know how to hit a major league fastball i rather have nate……heyward ik it wont happen but we should trade his ass

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