Dodgers Focused on Kuroda Deal

The Dodgers continue trade talks with a small number of clubs for pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, while interest in infielders Rafael Furcal and Jamey Carroll apparently has cooled.
Kuroda has a complete no-trade clause, but has given indications he will waive it for the right situation. The Dodgers had been talking to five clubs — Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, Tigers and Rangers — but apparently that list has been whittled down to two or three.
Deals involving infielders Furcal or Carroll are less likely because the Dodgers have not been offered enough in return. Among their needs are a catcher and power hitter. — Ken Gurnick

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I see him going to the Tigers Because He would be a great fit for The Tigers plus he is an alright pitcher but he would be a great palyer if he would go to a team like the Tigers where the team puts up numbers for you and can hit. But I see this as the only trade the tigers will do

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