Injury-plagued Braves do not consider Pence a priority

The Braves have placed two centerfielders  — Jordan Schafer and Nate McLouth  — and All-Star catcher Brian McCann on the disabled list this week.  But with this year’s Trade Deadline just 48 hours away, Braves general manager Frank Wren said his focus has not changed.

After McLouth was disabled with a lower abdominal strain Friday afternoon, the Braves promoted Jose Constanza from Triple-A Gwinnett, put him on their 40-man roster and then put him in the leadoff spot for Friday night’s game against the Marlins.

“We’ve been looking for an outfielder and we’re still looking for an outfielder,” Wren said. “It really doesn’t change anything. We’re going to be thin for a while until some of these guys come back from injury.  We know that and it really doesn’t change anything.”

While there has been speculation the Braves and Phillies have been in a bidding war for Astros’ outfielder Hunter Pence, a Major League source said Friday that the Braves have not considered Pence to be a priority.

The Braves did inquire about Pence and also to see if the White Sox were interested in trading Carlos Quentin. But it seems they are more likely to acquire Rays’ outfielder B.J. Upton or Padres’ outfielder Ryan Ludwick before Sunday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline arrives.

Upton could serve as the club’s leadoff hitter and starting centerfielder.  But even with Schafer and McLouth sidelined, they may still target Ludwick, who would primarily play the corner outfield positions.  But he is athletic enough to play center field if necessary.    —  Mark Bowman


If they pick up Ludwick I’m not watching this team anymore. HE IS A JOKE AND THEY NEED AN IMPACT PLAYER!!!! Michael Bourn is an impact player, go after him.

I agree! Stop messing around and pick up a player that is going to improve our terrible offense

We need Hunter so let’s get him!!

wow this is horrible.. i know we cant mortgage our future but we are contenders right now, we dont know if we will be next year.. our ball club is falling apart and wren is thinking ludwick is the answer??? i guess we braves fans our getting used to dissapointment..

Why would Wren even think about trading for Ludwick? I love what Wren has done for our team but now its time to pick up a good bat

Go for Kemp, the Dodgers are seller so it’s worth a try. Forget Ludwick. That idea was almost as bad as Gomes.

I’m so tired of Wren going after has beens this is such BS Ludwick is garbage! WTF is he thinking? honestly, it seems like he is just making a trade to make a trade. He’s getting to be a joke. Upton, Bourn, or Quinton is the only 3 we should focus on period!

Bourn is a Left handed hitter, who based on career numbers hits left handed batters as well as McLouth (bad). We need a Right handed batter who can hit left handed pitching. Bourn doesn’t solve the problem. Upton would be a better upgrade and ludwick or willingham would help more this year than Bourn.

Why is Wren so damn cheap? He obviously doesn’t care about winning. The braves need a good r/h bat.. Not a .220 hitter! The braves should go after pence and sign him long term. He would be a great young leader that the Braves need. Thoughts??

The Braves need to get Upton! Its pathetic that Wren thinks that acquiring ludwick is going to be the answer. where will he play? He cant play center and we need a center fielder! Go get Upton Wren and then try and get ludwick and platoon him with Heyward in right and left when Chipper needs a rest and Prado plays third..

Why is bowman such a downer. Everything he says is a killjoy.

I bet we could get Ludwick for a bucket of baseballs.. i mean hes that bad.. and willingham is not even a has been, if we are trading for a RH hitter we need to get Quentin or Pence.. stop BSing around, we also need another bullpen arm..

Not for nothing on the MLB Network they just listed the top 5 batting averages with at least 300 plate appearances since May 5 and both Bourn and Pence are on the list. Wren NEEDS TO PULL THE TRIGGER! Maybe a change of scenery helps BJ Upton but do the Braves really want to take that chance while they’re trying to make a run at this thing? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Upton is a steadily declining player with a bad attitude and a lack of hustle. Ludwick is no better than what the Braves already have. Leave it to Wren to go dumpster diving while the Giants and Phillies show their fans they are serious about competing. Makes me sick. We finally have a great chance to win it all and this is what Wren is going after? Pathetic!!

Sounds like what everyone thought Yunel Escobar was, but that worked out great for the braves didn’t it? Upton hits lefties better than any other option for CF. Additionally, his career home/away splits indicate he hits better when not in Tropicana field, which is a pitchers park.

Additionally, he is 26, under team control beyond this year, has an OPS+ of 103 this year (not amazing, but better than any of our OFs), and plays better defense than Nate or Jordan. He also has more upside than any OF in our organization besides Heyward. I would hardly call this dumpster diving.

“Not for nothing on the MLB Network they just listed the top 5 batting averages with at least 300 plate appearances since May 5 and both Bourn and Pence are on the list. Wren NEEDS TO PULL THE TRIGGER!”

Give up the farm for a guy who cant play center when we need a center fielder? we dont need a big time player like pence to platoon with Heyward.. We need a true center fielder with speed and power like Upton

Yea that’s why I said trade for Bourn in my original post.

He’s a lefty and doesnt have much pop.. Braves need a righty who has pop

Need a player that will make impact that we can sign to a 3 to 4 year deal. Quentin would be ideal in my opinion. The key to anything you do would be getting Chipper Jones to agree to retire and free up money. Move Prado to 3rd and build you a new outfield. Go on the free agent market at the end of the year and get a SS who seems interested in improving and a hitting coach that can fix some of the god awful swings that occur each and every night.

listen. we are not falling apart. we have the best record in baseball since june. we do not need a high impact player either, wren is not cheap! hunter pence is not cheap! idiots!!! we are good enough now to give teams a fight in the playoffs. and i say we let the phillies keep getting older and older while we get our young talented guys in there with experience winning. wren’s doing a smart thing. lay off him. besides he will make a move, and it will improve the team, no matter what you boneheads think.

I don’t understand all the Upton hype. He is hitting .228 w/ a .256 OBP and against lefties he is hitting .221 w/ a .340 OBP. Bourn, even though he bats LH, is hitting .306 w/ a .367 OBP and against lefties he is hitting .295 w/ a .352 OBP. Bourn has also won 2 gold gloves in CF and gives us the speed we need. Last night he hit a double, stole third, and then scored on a pop fly. The Braves need that kind of small ball!

TOTALLY AGREE! They need someone that scores/drives in runs. They really don’t have a huge issue with getting on it’s just getting them in. A guy who steals some bags can ease that pain.

No the Braves do not need a right with pop. They need a guy who can hit lefties for average and drive in runs; the Braves lead the league in men left on base and have one of the lowest OBP in the league. They need a guy who can drive in runs. Bourn is hitting for average this year, has an awesome OBP, has the most steals in the bigs, plays a great defensive CF and is an electric player like Jose Reyes. THEY NEED A GUY LIKE THIS TO GET THEM FIRED UP

Actually, leo, we are falling apart. The Braves are playing .500 ball since the AS break. They are going nowhere fast. Wren needs to bring in players who can make an impact, not more of what we already have.

Yes, please stop following the team if they get Ludwick! Oh I know RBI’s are a quaint , old fashioned stat to follow, but Ludwick has driven in 62 on a team who’s offense is much worse than the braves. No one else on his team has more than 35 RBIs (as of me checking last night) so put him on a team that isn’t in last place with some other hitters(it will be tougher of course til McCann comes back) in a more hitter friendly park, and he should go back to the 267 to .299 hitter he was with the Cardinals….

we need either pence or quentin the rest are basically just platoon players we need a difference maker in the middle of the lineup that can hit 25-30 homers and close to 100 rbis consistently. i love bourn in center but we can get him in the offseason if wren wants him bad enough. the braves need to see if they can pull kemp from the dodgers long shot but the dodgers love pitching prospects and send lowe over there with him. Teheran is READY!!!

and we need to send gonzales and a prospect over there and bring back furcal

People. Ludwick is a good player on a bad hitting team. He has no protection in the San Diego lineup. If he comes to Atlanta, he will be pitched differently, which means more pitches to hit.

i agree but pence or quentin would be more dependable down the stretch

please get Upton not Ludwick that guy is a joke.. playoffs for us are done if we get Ludwick. If wren is going to have to give up Minor at least get speed and a leadoff hitter with upton

Upton has a lower BA and OBP than Ludwick. He has speed and is younger. Thats about it. Oh, he’s struck out 100 times this year, great! Lets get him.

In my opinion we have enough .220 hitters, which Upton is.

As much as I hate to, I agree with several other people here. If Ludwick or Upton are the best we can do then I think I’m just turning my attention somewhere else for the rest of the summer. If ownership can’t pull the trigger on a trade I can’t push the button on the remote.

We did not score 8 runs the entire series with Pittsburgh. The Phillies did that in 2 innings. The difference, the Phillies actually hit better than a little league team. Pitching is great but you have to have hitting to go with it. I have followed the Braves since I was 6, now 43, I long for the deals like when we brought in McGriff/Sheffield. Our offense makes average pitchers look like cy young candidates. Through venting, go Braves!!!

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Who knows what happens next year. Get Pence or Quinton while there is a chance we could actually win this year. Don’t let the whole Texreria fiasco prevent us from ever going after a real bat again. If you have to give up Minor or Delgado so be it, You already have Jurjens, Hanson, and Beachy. Are we planing some sort of 8 man rotation in the near future? Pull the trigger Wren.

whatever the braves decied to do please do NOT trade Tehran or Vizianco.. I would love to see Kemp in Braves uniform but thats a dream … not gonna happen . Just lost the battle for Pence. If we have to give up something valuable then there is no reason to do it because no one is out there to get. Get chipper to retire to free up money!!!!

BJ Upton would be a Great fit plus he would be able to play his brother more Hope he goes to the Braves and to See Furcal in A Braves uniform again would be great for the city and the team

Maybe the braves could go after Cole Hamels for a few prospects and Derek Lowe

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